Five Ideas for Contact Center Gamification

Contact center work can be repetitive and repetitive. For this reason, it can be difficult to maintain a high level of motivation and engagement among employees. One of the ways to solve this problem is gamification and contests. They will help track the achievement of goals, employee engagement in the workflow, increase productivity and unite people into a team.

What is gamification?

Gamification, in simple terms, is the application of some game elements to other processes. In a work environment, it is needed in order to dilute the routine, increase employee motivation and engagement. Gamification is most effective during tedious work and repetitive tasks. As it often happens in call centers.

Competitions are a classic and proven example of gamification in the workplace. Here are five ideas:


This is a pretty creative and fun contact center idea. The first thing you need to do is divide your employees into teams and define a task for each day. It can be anything – depending on which metric you want to improve. We recommend working with measured values ​​- customer reviews, number of applications, call time.

Let the teams know ahead of time about the task for the day so they have the opportunity to meet before the shift and discuss strategy. At the end of the working day, the first place team will receive a prize (or more points). Losing teams must choose one participant from their roster – he will be excluded. Then all players eliminated in this way form a new team to compete the next day.

This is a dynamic competition suitable for large teams. Involves everyone in the process and promotes team cohesion. If you plan not only a large prize at the end of the competition, but also small ones for every day, then each team will have a chance.

The final winner is the employee (or team) who scored the maximum number of points.

About setting goals.

Each time you conduct a competition for contact center employees, set clear, achievable and productive goals for them.

Clarity means that everyone involved in gamification must be able to track their impact on the metrics they are measuring. Work-related metrics work well. For example: the number of calls per shift, closed tasks, average processing time. Indicators such as quality assessment or FCR (first call resolution -% of solved problems at the first contact of the client) are also suitable, but their value will not be able to change quickly enough throughout the entire competition.

Achievability means that your chosen metric is more likely to reach the target value during the competition.

Productivity means metrics serve overall business goals. For best results, select areas that need growth or extra attention.

The Wheel of WOW

As in the classic show “Wheel of Fortune”, this game uses a wheel divided into sectors with prizes. In order to get the right to spin the wheels, a participant must achieve a certain indicator (or perform a target action). This competition not only motivates employees to improve, but every day distinguishes a new team member from the rest.

About tracking progress.

To maintain a high level of engagement throughout the game, monitor personal and team performance. Also pay attention to the time remaining. Displaying all of this information visually is key to keeping the game interesting. Digital leaderboards are also a great tool to keep everyone in the competition informed on the game situation.

Olympic Games in the call center.

This competition is perfect for individual participation. Select several indicators by which you will keep records and set the date for the “games”.

Among each indicator, determine the best among the participants and award him with a ribbon or a medal, in recognition of his merits. As soon as the Olympiad comes to an end, arrange a party where you will sum up the results, congratulate the employees on their successes and name the top three in the overall standings.

About the choice of prizes

If you want to motivate everyone to actively participate in your competition, then you need to attend to the acquisition of convincing prizes. Hotel stays, tickets to concerts or something similar have become classics. But creativity can be very effective too. For example, you might ask an employee to choose a different shift in the week, additional vacation days, a CEO’s parking spot, allow them to start work later on Monday (or leave earlier on Friday), offer a two-hour lunch or several days of remote work.

In team games, you can offer a common reward – pay for lunch, lunch … Or whatever the team wants.

Mysterious prize

If you want to add a little thrill to your daily routine, then Mystery Prize is the perfect choice. Participants in the game will need to guess what kind of prize awaits them. Assign specific indicators, and those participants who have achieved the best results will receive a hint about the prize. The one who has collected more clues has more chances to guess what the prize is. The first one who guessed it – takes it for itself.

Sea battle

This classic game adapts very easily to the contact center format. Divide the staff into two teams and select several people who will be the moderators. Each group chooses places for their ships and every day, before the working day, they get the right to “shoot” in order to “sink” the enemy “ships”

Set a time frame for the game. And for the best result, it is advisable to play three games. The team with the most victories wins in the end.

Maintaining a positive atmosphere.

Competitions can be competitive and it is very important to make sure you set the right atmosphere and your team will love it. Not every game is suitable for everyone. Therefore, keep a close eye on the general mood as you play. After all, one of the main goals of such an event is to provide everyone with positive emotions.

Call center contests are a great tool to improve performance, motivation, and employee engagement. Improving team spirit and a sense of working towards important business goals will also be important.

You can also build a system of motivation and bonuses using the tool speech analytics… It includes the translation of all conversations into text and further analysis of the text according to 50+ parameters – operator silence, speech speed, script pronunciation. As a result of each call, the system evaluates the work of the operator.

The task of the manager is to help employees to reveal themselves, to prove themselves, to determine those positions and positions in which they can show themselves most vividly.

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