Fintech launch. DevOps revelations

DevOps? – administrators, responsible for everything, IT architects, understand security, understand business, know how to code, their own among the developers, save costs and, just pleasant interlocutors. Add to it … we at Vivid Money can go on with this list for a very long time ..

In our cozy, fast-growing and endlessly ambitious startup, DevOps these are their guys on the board, thanks to whom:

  • products and services are released several times a day;

  • infrastructure without failures and downtime is able to withstand repeated loads;

  • customer data and money are reliably protected,

  • the business is stable and growth-oriented;

We are over a year old. Of course, at first everything was not so rosy and smooth, and even now there are surprises from time to time, but we are balanced, our approaches and practices are sustainable, which allows us to guarantee the reliability of our infrastructure, and business to develop in an extremely aggressive competitive Fintech environment.

In the summer of 2020, Fintech startup Vivid Money launched in Europe. At the moment, our services cover the TOP countries of continental Europe, we have hundreds of thousands of active customers, we offer several dozen high-tech products that are available through a single interface of the mobile application.

Are we proud of this? – Yes!

Do we want to stop there? – Not!

At one of the recent DevOps daily, we summed up the outgoing year, analyzed mistakes and analyzed achievements, and planned activities for the coming year. And, looking back, we realized that a huge (from scratch!), Systematic work had been done, the results of which we would like to share with the outside world.

In short:

With this introductory article, we commit ourselves to release once a month on a technical article (without any lyrics) over the next year. In the articles we will talk about our DevOps practices and victorious days.

Next year:

  • let’s talk about clouds, what they are and what is the “nuance”;

  • we will tell you about how we chose technologies and why we chose these;

  • we will share our experience – how the architecture was designed (reliability, stability, scaling, redundancy, geo-distribution, security, and so on);

  • we will show you “infrastructure as code” in detail;

  • of course, let’s talk about continuous SDLC and its filling;

  • share DevSecOps practices;

  • We will tell you about startup problems and growth problems;

  • let’s talk about monitoring (including watch);

  • we will tell you how and what to save on;

  • we will convince you that there are bones that should grow and they should not be cut off in any case;

  • we will share life hacks of teamwork and building trusting relationships with product teams;

  • let’s talk about the routine 24/7/365;

  • We will tell you who the ideal DevOps is;

  • we will share the Disaster Recovery approach and techniques;

  • we will definitely talk about work-life-balance and how not to burn out working at the limit of human capabilities;

  • and much more 🙂

The first article is already in January. We are convinced that the material will be useful to everyone who has Fin / Food / Big / Med or any other newfangled Tech!

PS If you have topics / pains that you would like to hear about separately, write about it in the comments.

Holiday greetings!

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