Financial service architecture – reports with YuMoneyDay

Quite recently, we heroically held the first online conference YuMoneyDay – for 7 hours our IT specialists talked about their experience live and answered all kinds of questions from the audience. Now we want to share useful materials on Habré.

We start with reports of the “Architecture” direction. Under the cut you will find videos of expert speeches with timecodes. Happy viewing!

YMoney architecture evolution

Denis Lykov, CIO

How the service architecture has changed and developed in connection with the development of business

0:52 Dynamics of the number of IT departments in YuMoney
1:18 About development department
1:58 About the operation department
2:37 Top-level view of the entire IT system
3:50 Product business logic: what’s under the hood?
6:49 How it all began: idea, payment core
9:09 Development of architecture: first components (monoliths), analytics and accounting, anti-fraud
11:57 Increasing complexity in business processes
13:52 Patterns: process orchestrator, multi-factoring, event broker
15:31 About ABS, PC and RBS
17:36 What we have learned in 20 years of existence: conclusions

We disassemble the spacecraft. Payments by bank cards under the hood

Valery Churkin, Lead Java Developer

You can pay by card on the Internet with one touch. How many laptop touches are needed by architects, developers and QA to build Internet acquiring at UMoney? We understand how accepting card payments works, and how it is constantly being modernized.

1:14 What is acquiring? And where does the construction of a spaceship
2:40 Problem statement: where to start?
4:45 PCI DSS standard (what is and how it is implemented in UKassa)
5:56 Description of the processes of obtaining and saving map data
8:15 Withdrawing money from the card: acquiring banks, mutual settlements
10:01 Fraud and methods of combating it: anti-fraud system
10:50 3D Secure Process
13:06 Availability metrics: uptime, success rate
14:38 How to work to improve availability
15:16 Performance Indicator (TPS). And what to do with it.
16:32 Once again about the chain of interaction, external dependencies
18:15 Acquiring routing
19:33 Diagnostics of the condition of equirers
20:57 Briefly about the main thing: the results of the construction of the spacecraft

Payments on board

Alexander Nikolaev, Leading Systems Analyst
Report on the architecture of Internet acquiring in the absence of the Internet. A story about how to accept payments in an online store, which is located at an altitude of 10,000 meters and moves at a speed of 900 km / h. And also about the difficulties we faced before the solution “flew” in every sense.

1:56 The card is accepted everywhere … or is it not?
3:40 Internet acquiring scheme
6:05 Internet acquiring on board: user story
7:40 What did we have to solve such a problem
8:43 Why the standard payment scheme is not suitable
10:19 About offline terminals and why it’s a different story
12:00 How to solve a problem, or what’s inside a suitcase?
13:29 Necessary technologies and options for the model of work (+ its disadvantages)
17:20 How to protect your data
22:39 Creation of a separate component in the PCI DSS perimeter – working model diagram
23:10 Potential risks
25:02 Summing up: once again about what tactics we had and how we did not adhere to them

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