ExtremeSwitching V300 – a new line of port extenders for enterprise networks with loose access

ExtremeSwitching V300 is a new line of Extreme Networks port extenders based on the IEEE 802.1BR protocol. We have already become acquainted with this technology in more detail in our article “Extreme Extended Edge”, or switching based on the IEEE 802.1BR standard ”. The lineup is represented by five fanless eight-port models with a wide range of options for possible connection, power supply, installation in rooms sensitive to temperature and noise, which makes it possible to satisfy a fairly wide range of requirements when implementing projects.

All models, except eight access ports, have two more uplink ports. For the V300-8P-2T-W model, these are 2 gigabit copper interfaces, for all the others it is SFP +. A feature of the V300-8P-2T-W is that it is the only model in the entire line that receives PoE power from a higher-level switch, neither a built-in nor a connector for connecting an external power supply is provided. The absence of the need to lay power lines will allow, in this case, to save significant funds and time of the project.

V300-8P-2T-W, in addition to receiving PoE power, can also provide PoE + power with a budget of up to 105W, the remaining two models with PoE support can produce up to 180W and 160W of budget respectively

V300HT models have IP42 protection and an extended operating temperature range of -40 … + 70C, connectors for connecting two power supplies, and the ability to install on a DIN rail. This allows you to install and use devices in places with high operational requirements, such as transport, industrial production, logistics centers or wholesale and retail businesses …

ExtremeSwitching V300 switches work on the principle of “Plug and Play”, just turn off the network interfaces and apply power, immediately after that the V300 downloads the configuration stored on the “Control Bridge” and the network starts working. One “Control Bridge” is enough, but if redundancy is needed, then two “Control Bridge” with the MLAG setting are used, as shown in the diagrams above.

Other key features when building a network using ExtremeSwitching V300 are:

  • Silent operation
  • Extended temperature range operation
  • Supported “Control Bridge” – X690, X590, X670-G2, X465
  • Support Fabric Attach technology with dynamic provisioning and service provisioning
  • EXOS functionality in an inexpensive and compact form factor
  • Ability to manage and control from the ExtremeCloud IQ cloud platform
  • Single point of configuration, lower operating costs
  • 105W PoE pass through support

Datashit with more detailed information is available here. ExtremeSwitching V300 or on the site extremenetworks.com.

Any questions that arise or remain, as well as find out about the availability of V300 for testing, you can always ask our office staff – cis@extremenetworks.com.

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