explain in simple Russian how language models work

In fact, in the original plan of the article, we had many more points: we wanted to discuss in more detail both the problems of controlling artificial intelligence, and the greed of corporations that, in a highly competitive pursuit of profit, can accidentally give birth to Frankenstein AI, and complex philosophical questions like “can Is it possible to consider that the neural network can think, or is it not?

If there are a lot of positive reviews for this article, then we will analyze all these (in our opinion, super-exciting!) topics in the next article. If you do not want to miss it, then we invite you to subscribe to the authors’ TG channels: Sioloshnaya Igor Kotenkov (for those who want to fumble for technology) and Rational Answer Pavel Komarovsky (for those who are for a rational approach to life, but prefer a little simpler). Thank you all for your attention – we look forward to your comments!

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