Exchange brokers in Armenia and Georgia – how to open a brokerage account?

Today is a review of brokers in Armenia and Georgia, as well as information on opening a brokerage account in the post-Soviet space.

Brokerage account in Armenia

The most popular exchange broker in Armenia for 2022 is


Claimed benefits include:

  • work on the Armenian Stock Exchange, on the over-the-counter market, as well as on specialized trading floors;

  • investing in financial instruments of the USA, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, a total list of more than 20 countries;

  • single account;

  • available commissions;

  • transaction security.

Trading with Ameria Global Trading can be carried out both through a mobile application and a PC. Online you can make almost any transaction on all financial instruments. There is an option to apply via e-mail and phone, but it is limited in time to a business day and a more truncated set of possible actions, for example, there is no possibility to work on forex and with options.

To open a brokerage account with Ameriabank, you must first open a bank account. The standard requirements of the top banks in Armenia, in addition to a passport and documents confirming income, are a lease agreement in Armenia for at least 6 months, a social card and other documents related to registration in the RA. Read more here.

To open a brokerage account and sign an agreement, it is better to visit the head office of the bank at the address RA, Yerevan, st. Vazgen Sargsyan, 2, business center “Kamar”. If you are not a client of Ameriabank, then you need to provide a passport and an identification card, you may also need a document confirming the address of residence in the RA.

Replenishment of a brokerage account can be done online via Internet banking by transferring funds from a current account to a brokerage account, both from Ameriabank and from another bank. You can also deposit money to your account through any branch of Ameriabank.

To open a new position, you need to have a Net Liquidation Value of at least $2,000.

The size of commissions depends on the volume of transactions, the exchange and other parameters.

The full list of fees and tariffs can be found here:


Evoca Bank is another Armenian bank that offers brokerage services. He has an agreement with the German bank BAADER, which, in turn, works on the stock exchanges of London, New York, Tokyo, etc. They also work in partnership with the Russian broker BrokerCreditService, which allows you to trade on the MICEX online.

To open, you also need an account with Evocabank. The list of documents for opening an account is standard, it consists of a passport and a document confirming registration in the Republic of Armenia.

The main commissions are listed on the website:

[1]Tariffs include commissions charged by the Bank’s partner organizations.

[2] The minimum transaction amount cannot be less than 10,000 Russian rubles.

More details about the tariffs can be found at

Brokerage account in Georgia

The most popular brokerage companies in Georgia:

  • TBC Capital

  • Galt & Taggart

Galt & Taggart

The most famous and experienced broker in the Georgian market, which has been operating since 1995.

The broker provides an opportunity to work on the stock exchanges of the USA, Europe, some Asian countries, as well as on the stock exchange of Georgia. Foreign exchanges include American Stock Exchange (AMEX), Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE), OMX Copenhagen (CSE), OMX Helsinki (HSE), London International Exchange (LSE_INTL), OMX Stockholm (SSE), London Stock Exchange (LSE_SETS). Some tariffs are presented in the table:

US Markets

$0.02 per share, minimum $15

European markets

0.1%, minimum €12

London Stock Exchange

0.1%, minimum £8

Hong Kong Stock Exchange

0.3%, minimum HK$180

australian stock exchange

0.1%, minimum AU$15

Inactivity fee – 0% (none)

Commission for opening/closing an account – 0% (none)

Commission for deposit/withdrawal of funds0% (none)

The full tariffs can be found at the link

Currently, residents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus have the option of opening only in Execution mode (Traditional) as the online trading option through Saxo Bank does not allow the citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus to carry out transactions in connection with the sanctions.

From a broker’s letter: We can open a brokerage account on the online platform for Russian and Belarusian clients only if the person also has an EU residence permit. Here is information about an Execution Brokerage Account: Execution Brokerage Account: With a Traditional Brokerage Account, you can enter local and regional markets and gain access to hard-to-find financial papers. Through this brokerage account, you can invest in non-margin products such as stocks, ETFs, bonds, funds, REITs, etc. This is not an online brokerage account. Orders are accepted by email.

TBC Capital (Stock Broker from ТBC Bank)

TBC Capital refers to TBC Holding, which is listed on the LSE. Among the advantages:

  • provides access to 135 markets;

  • you can work with more than 30 currencies;

  • it is possible to trade several asset classes;

  • you can track annual public reports, audit reports for a general analysis of the situation.

Stock trading commission:

US stocks

$0.02 per share min. – 4$

British shares

0.1% of the transaction (min. £8)

European shares

0.15% of the transaction (min. 12 €)

Commission fees in other countries

in the table below

Bond trading commission

0.2% of the transaction

Share holding fee

0.12% per annum of the market value of shares

Bond custody fee

0.06% per annum of the nominal value of bonds

To open a brokerage account with TBC Capital, you need to open an account with TBC Bank. At the same time, TBC bank opens an account only in GEL, therefore, this account cannot be used as a withdrawal of funds outside of Georgia, an additional account is needed. bank, see How a Russian citizen can open a bank account in Georgia

In order to open at TBC Bank, you need to provide:

  1. Document confirming activity outside of Georgia

  2. Account statement for the last 12 months

  3. Completed KYC form

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