Evening “The Way to IT” with Ivan Urgant from GeekBrains together with Alexander Volchek and Alexander Sagun

August, 26th!  Path to IT with Alexander Volchek, Alexander Sagun and Ivan Urgant
August, 26th! Path to IT with Alexander Volchek, Alexander Sagun and Ivan Urgant

This year we have expanded the format and started holding big events with the stars. To make it even simpler, easier, more understandable to tell ordinary people about the world of information technology.

The first “The path to IT with a star” went along with Pavel Volya

What is the event about?

Why IT people earn so much, how to become one of them? Where to start if you do not understand the field of IT? At the event, we will talk about the trends in the world of information technology and the situation on the labor market. We will discuss the criteria for the demand for professions and their career prospects.

Let’s analyze in detail the top 5 specializations in 2022: programmer, tester, analyst, project and product manager. We will tell you what they do, what technologies they use in their work, what varieties there are, and also where and how they can be trained.

We will explain what steps you need to take to enter the field of information technology and feel confident there, develop and take place as a professional. About how easy it really is to become an IT specialist, what is the formula for their demand and how to choose what you really like.

Would you trust a person who:

  • I have only read one book in my life. Would you like him to teach your children literature?

  • Drives a car, but is not familiar with the rules of the road. Would you ask him to give you a lift?

  • Knows how to drill teeth, but didn’t go to medical school. Would he be treated?

  • He sews dresses, but does not know how to use patterns. Would you like to order clothes from him?

  • Knows how to cook soup, but does not know sanitary rules. Would you go to a restaurant with him?

Obviously not. Knowing a part of a profession or an algorithm of actions is not professionalism. Only a fundamental educational base and a thorough understanding of the laws of the sphere of activity makes a person a specialist.

Coming into the field of IT, people often make mistakes because they believe in myths and unverified information. Our task is to show this world to you as it is.

1st part: What is IT, why is it so popular and what are the ways to get into this field

  • By what criteria do people usually choose a profession, and how should one actually do it?

  • Why choose the IT field: the demand for IT specialists and their salary levels

  • Five core IT specializations

  • Why you shouldn’t choose a profession at the start

  • Breaking IT stereotypes

Result: You will get an idea about the IT field, begin to understand specializations and learn how to choose a profession

2nd part: Detailed analysis of the programmer’s specialization

  • Who is a programmer and what does he do

  • How are programming languages ​​different?

  • Industries in which programmers work

  • Combinations of tools that define a programmer

  • Who is a programmer for?

Result: You will learn the features of the work of a programmer and find out if this specialization suits you

3rd part: A detailed analysis of the specialization of a tester and analyst

  • Why testers and analysts are needed

  • Types of testing on simple examples

  • Examples of tasks that a tester is involved in

  • Analyst’s work tools

  • Who is suitable for the profession of an analyst and tester

  • Where the work of an analyst and tester intersects with programming

Result: Find out who analysts and testers are and find out if these specializations are right for you

4th part: Analysis of the specializations of a project and product manager and ways, as well as how to get into the IT field

  • How is a product manager different from a project manager?

  • What tasks do product and project managers solve?

  • Who are these specializations for?

  • Ways to get into IT

  • Why You Shouldn’t Choose an IT Specialization at the Start

  • How training works at GeekBrains

Result: Find out who product and project managers are, whether this specialization suits you. And also how you can get into the field of IT

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