Enter IT and get a job right away: new free courses at Parimatch Tech Academy

What’s the salt? Why are we doing this at all?

The idea of ​​launching an educational direction at Parimatch Tech has arisen a long time ago. The team was looking for a suitable format and time to launch such an initiative. As a result, the choice was settled on a hybrid format – online training with offline meetings. Today Parimatch Tech Academy announces the start of the second recruitment – the Java + DevOps course. This program is a chance for young students to learn one of the most demanded technologies in the IT market, and after successfully completing the course – to start a developer career in the company.

The current conditions in the Ukrainian IT market resemble a vicious circle. On the one hand, tech companies like Parimatch Tech need talent. On the other hand, many young specialists simply cannot find a job. Our IT Academy is a way to change this situation and help people take the first step in their careers. An important task is to show the differences between theoretical education at universities and real work in a large company.

Who will teach the Juns?

Students of the Academy are expected to learn programming and work in a team on problems from real projects. Students here write code and complete assignments every day, working side by side with mentors and fellow students. The goal of the organizers is to make a full-fledged IT specialist out of a newcomer in a short time, who can become part of the development department tomorrow.

In the first set, 50 students were included in the internship, that is, 95% of all students… Each of them has a chance to move to Parimatch Tech as a junior developer – the decision will be made based on the results of the internship.

The mentors – practicing developers of Parimatch Tech will train and guide the students of the Academy, namely:

  • Arthur Ashirov, Head of Engineering (Team Lead, Parimatch Tech Academy).

  • Andrey Ryzhenko, Senior Scala Developer.

  • Nikolay Ivanyuk, Java Dev Lead.

  • Vladimir Chizhevsky, Scala Tech Lead.

  • Evgeny Grishchenko, Middle Java Developer.

  • Oleg Beletsky, DevOps Team Lead.

About the Java QA Automation course

In the Java QA Automation course, students of the Academy will learn key technologies for automated testing of mobile and web platforms, analyze the main techniques and get acquainted with the tools of Selenium WebDriver, Appium, Apache HTTP and others. Graduates will learn how the basic concepts of Java work, understand how core software works, and will be able to install and configure testing projects.

The duration of the course is 2.5 months, classes will be held three times a week. During the training, students will have to create three projects based on the knowledge gained, the results will be evaluated by the mentors of the program. Among them: Lead QA Automation Engineer Sergey Podgorov, as well as QA Automation Engineer Alexander Kramarenko, Alexey Budugay and Roman Dragunov. The best graduates will be offered a paid internship for one month, and in case of successful completion – a full-fledged offer.

Among other things, the IT Academy program is certified by the team of the DAN.IT educational center, which teaches students using the adapted Telem methodology. It is used, among other things, for training technical specialists of the Israeli army.

Java + DevOps Course

At the same time, Parimatch Tech Academy continues recruiting for the Java + DevOps course. The course program is designed for students who want to learn Java from scratch. During the course, students of the Academy will analyze the syntax of the programming language and its most common packages, learn how to work with databases and consider the main frameworks for cloud development. Additionally, the course includes a DevOps workshop.

“Our killer feature is the absence of“ water ”: on the course we give only relevant material and tasks that we face every day as developers, – notes the course team leader Artur Ashirov, Head of Engineering at Parimatch Tech. – In addition, we want students not only to write well the code, but to understand the tasks and work competently in a team – therefore we place a special emphasis on soft skills. If the candidate consciously approaches the training, asks the right questions and motivates himself, he will succeed. This is what we are waiting for here. “

The duration of the Java + DevOps course is 3.5 months, an additional 2.5 months are allocated for the internship. Students who have shown the best results in the course will also receive employment opportunities with the company.

How candidates are selected

Selection for programs at Parimatch Tech Academy takes place online and consists of three stages. To get started, candidates need to fill out a form – before April 14, then – complete online test tasks from April 19 to April 21. The last stage of selection is a motivational online interview, which will take place on April 23.

Final results will be announced on April 29th. The course starts on May 12. Registration is open until April 14th.

How version 1.0 differs from 2.0 academy

If in version Parimatch Tech Academy 1.0 we had a versatile palette, then in version 2.0 we are more focused on two directions Java + DevOps and QA Automation, that is, we go a complete package of one direction. Another interesting point, in the second version, we automated many processes, improving manufacturability, on the contrary, in the first version, the mentors themselves did a lot by hand. And, finally, in the new version of Parimatch Tech Academy, the development of creative potential has been added to the soft skills, naturally leaving aside the development of critical thinking skills, personal efficiency, teamwork and personal leadership. This time there will be even more developmental feedback for our students, each stage of the academy, we learn and improve ourselves, making reflection. Thus, each new set is better than the previous one based on its own lessons learned.

Our mantra

We do not take students with experience, we do not look at the age of a person and his place of residence, at the moment we have students from 2 countries and 13 regions. The only thing we focus on when selecting students is whether he has a penchant and talent for learning programming. We understand well what potential is in this direction and we hire guys with high potential. If you have passed the selection process, you can consider yourself talented, but if you are not diligent enough, we say goodbye. Our goal is to provide an opportunity and comfortable conditions for unlocking our potential, but the result itself, of course, depends on the student himself. You have to understand that at the academy we use the resource and time of our employees who act as mentors, there is a great networking opportunity, which helps to integrate into the company before the start of potential work.

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