ELDOCODE: more than just a hackathon

Behind ELDOCODE, the first hackathon organized by Eldorado with the support of Codenrock. The prize and gift fund of the project amounted to over 1 million rubles. In addition, the winners of the hackathon had the opportunity to launch their pilot projects on the basis of the company.

ELDOCODE consisted of three stages: internal – collecting ideas from employees of “Eldorado” (ideaton), external – development of prototypes of solutions, the final – defense of projects in front of the jury.

Ideaton started within the M.Video-Eldorado group of companies with a collection of ideas. As a result, out of 300 applications from employees, the jury selected the best 30 and, based on them, formulated the tracks for the second stage.

Participation in the second stage could be taken by both beginners and experienced specialists, as well as single individuals and already established teams, startups and enthusiasts of various profiles: developers, analysts, UX / UI designers.

The participants in the external stage of ELDOCODE worked on the creation of three applied tools. The first is a list of products for consultants. This decision, in the process of communicating with the client, had to form a list of purchases, and then send it along with an electronic business card to the checkout.

The second is for the heads of the sales department. This project was supposed to provide management control over the execution of the retail store sales plan and demonstrate the personal effectiveness of the consultants. And finally, the third solution is a tool for merchandisers. It is a digital assistant for updating price tags. Its task is to check the relevance of prices for goods and their presence in the store.

In total, 300 participants, 54 teams have registered for ELDOCODE. Over the course of a week, the teams worked on prototyping the solutions described above.

During this period, the participants consulted with the company’s experts not only on the technical part, but also on their “packaging” into the finished product.

As a result, 27 teams performed in front of the jury. The finals brought together the best of the best. According to the results of the hackathon, the victory in the first track “DIGITAL EXPERIENCE OF CONSULTING IN THE RETAIL STORE” was won by the “easy4” team. The second place was taken by “Poplar fluff”.

In the second track “MOBILE SALES PLAN TRACKER” the winners were “fri3nds”, the second place went to “UNICORN”.

In the third track “DIGITAL ASSISTANT FOR PRICE LIST UPDATING” the best were “Weak-willed masons”, the second place was “Edelweiss”.

The winning teams for the first and second places received 200,000 rubles each. and 100,000 rubles. respectively.

ELDOCODE has demonstrated a high interest in the development of innovative retail projects. For us, this is more than just a hackathon, it is an opportunity to work with talented people inside and outside the company.

Obviously, the first pancake did not come out lumpy and there are all the prerequisites for continuing this practice.

PS By the way, if you want to work on the described projects within the company, VELKAM! Do not be shy directly to our HR to poke a stick!

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