Educational program about electronic labor books

It happened, from January 1, 2020 in Russia introduced an electronic workbook. But we are getting rid of paper only now.

– What is this thing?

This is a record in the database, which contains the same thing as in your paper work book, in only one place in the FIU repository. Now there will be less logistics with the movement of these books, it will be more difficult to lose the old one with the record of dismissal under the article, and the frames will not need to be stored for 75 years.

“And is it already working?”

Not yet. Firstly, everything has already been done since January 1, 2020, but it is possible to decide whether to keep the paper until December 31, 2020. The law is already working, there is an administrative and technical base, but several more stages need to be passed. The first stage is that employers must notify all employees about this feature by the end of June 2020. The second stage is to choose until December 31, 2020 whether you want everything in the old-fashioned way, in paper, or in electronic form.

– Stop-stop, is there a week left for notification? And this is a state, and a letter to a general telegram chat is not considered a document?

Right. Notified is a person who read somewhere and signed, that is, at least he arrived at the office or sent such a document to the office. Or, a person who received a registered letter with an inventory of the attachment, where this notice is indicated in the inventory, is considered to be notified.

– So, what is next?

We have already made the newsletter in words, and now we send official registered letters by couriers and mail. After everyone is notified, the next stage will come – you will need to write or not consciously write a statement with the choice of the type of work book keeping until the end of the working day on December 31, 2020.

– What are the options?

  1. You write a statement that you want to keep a work book in electronic form. Get your usual hands and happily go home.
  2. You write a statement that you want the book to be kept in paper. Everything is as before, only the personnel officer leads both paper and electronic, and puts everything there simultaneously. In fact, the data already fall into this book from January 1, 2020, since a new form of reporting to the FIU has appeared.
  3. You ignore trips to the office, received letters feed the goat on the balcony and do not go to the office until December 31, 2020, which leaves you no chance of an application. In this case, option (2) is selected by default, plus you have additional time to switch to electronic form.

We have this: Now, after the opening of the office, a lot of papers will be signed immediately, including these statements about the choice of maintaining a work book.

For an employee who has exercised his right to continue to maintain a paper labor book by the employer, this right shall be retained upon subsequent employment with other employers.

– What document is regulated?

Documents: Federal Law of 16.12.2019 N 439-ФЗ and Article 66, paragraph 1 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. In fact, it’s still more complicated, but here there is a good list of documents.

– How quickly can I pick up physical labor after applying for an ETC?

At first it was the same day, that is, at the time of signing the application, but now within 3 working days. Therefore, come at least on December 30th, and not at 17:59 on the 31st if you have any good feelings for the personnel department.

According to the Ministry of Labor of Russia, the issuance period is similar to the period established by Part 1 of Art. 62 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, – no later than three working days from the date of application (part 3 of article 2 of the Federal Law of 16.12.2019 N 439-ФЗ, Letter of 13.03.2020 N 14-2 / ​​В-260). Earlier, the ministry had a different opinion: the work book is issued on the day of filing the indicated application, which confirms the fact of the document being handed over (Letter of 12.02.2020 N 14-2 / ​​В-150). Given that the special rule of h. 3 Article. 2 of Federal Law of 16.12.2019 N 439-ФЗ does not directly establish a three-day deadline for issuing, in order to avoid possible risks of violation of the rights of an employee, we recommend that you issue a work book on the day you submit an application for the provision of information on labor activity.

The storage period for unclaimed work books is 50 years if they were completed in 2003 and later, and 75 if until 2003 (Article 22.1 of the Federal Law on Archives in the Russian Federation)

– What will be in this work book?

Nothing at first. From January 1, 2020, personnel transmit information to the PFR: admission, transfer, dismissal. At the same time, all the old data from the labor is not transferred in any way by the organization. However, the FIU has them, because everywhere you paid taxes. An electronic workbook is created for people first entering work after December 31, 2020.

In general, for the transfer to the FIU of information on the labor activity of workers, the employer needs to prepare reports in the form of SZV-TD. The SZV-TD form is filled out during employment, transfer to another job, dismissal, submission of an application for choosing a method of maintaining a work book. That is, the last data segment, in any case, once again falls into the FIU. In reporting under the SZV-TD form, practically the same information must be entered as in the work book. Data on admission and dismissal no later than the next business day after the order, and on the transfer, submission of an application, provision of information on labor activity, data is sent no later than the 15th day of the month following the reporting one. The employer must provide the form in electronic form with a qualified qualified electronic signature.

Thanks to SZV-TD (and before that SZV-K), the state knows everything about you. The Pension Fund counts your retirement points, which means that it sees all the payments that are taxable to you. That is, what the employer showed to the state already exists in the database, but the data is there, not quite like in the labor one. But enough to compare and understand.

– What should the company do

  1. Notify until June 30, 2020, inclusively, of each employee in writing “about changes in labor legislation related to the generation of information on labor activity in electronic form, as well as about the employee’s right by submitting an appropriate written application to the employer in the manner prescribed by part 2 of this article [имеется ввиду ст.2 ФЗ от 16.12.2019 года № 439-ФЗ], choose between continuing the employer to maintain the work book in accordance with Article 66 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (as amended by this Federal Law) or providing the employer with information on labor activities in accordance with Article 66.1 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. ” It is advisable to explain after the explanation in simple words what this means.
  2. Give time to choose a workbook mode before the end of the year.
  3. Collect applications by December 31, 2020. Information on the application submitted by the employee is included in the information on labor activities submitted by the employer for storage in the FIU. If there is no application, write on paper and electronically right away.

– What will happen to the paper book?

It will become a souvenir, you will receive it in your hands. The personnel officer must warn that the issued paper work book retains its strength and continues to be used along with the electronic one. You will need to keep a paper book, since in the electronic version only information on labor activity starting from 2020 is recorded.

– What if I wrote a statement on electronic, but did not come for a paper?

Her ghost will haunt you forever with the ghost of the personnel officer. It will be necessary to pick it up, otherwise there are chances to find it in the mail over time.

– And the FIU in its databases will definitely not lose anything and will not mix it up?

On the offsite it says: “Crashing or hacking with subsequent modification or destruction of data is practically impossible. Information of personal accounts is recorded in distributed storage systems, which eliminates the risk of data loss. ” Therefore, I strongly recommend that you keep a paper book and put in it all the papers received upon dismissal.

– What are these pieces of paper when leaving?

Upon dismissal, the employer will be required to provide information about the labor activity either on paper or in electronic form (if the employer has such an opportunity). If you save a paper work book, the data will be recorded in it. That is, they will give you a certain document, which will prove the last segment of the work.

– Wait a minute, but how to show an e-book when applying for a job?

You can get a certificate of your labor activity or simply open a book in your PFR’s personal account and print it. The human resources department will have access to entering data after your entry to work. Contributed by:

  • Information about the employee;
  • Dates of admission, dismissal, transfer to another job;
  • Place of work;
  • Type of event (reception, transfer, dismissal);
  • Position, profession, specialty, qualification, structural unit;
  • Type of work entrusted;
  • The basis of the personnel event (date, number and type of document);
  • Reasons for termination of the employment contract.

Also in reading mode will be available to all older records, starting in 2020.

– Where can I get a document about where I worked with the new book?

At the last employer, physically in the PFR and MFC, in the personal account of the PFR and EPGU in electronic form.

– What is the profit?

  1. It’s easier to get a remote job.
  2. No need to buy and store paper.
  3. When moving, there will now be no planned archive losses.
  4. Big Brother will eventually see all the records of the electronic labor book at once (which will facilitate the same issue of a passport).
  5. “New opportunities for analytical processing of data on labor activity for employers and government agencies” – it is possible that the tax authorities have long wanted to figure out how the branch director receives a minimum wage.

In general, nothing special, live on. Just remember to send letters to everyone this week.

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