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Why change? What needs to be changed? Why something that was relevant 30 years ago obsolete? Sight non-expertbut involvedan eye on the problem from the inside …

Lecture illustration from the site:
Lecture illustration from the site:


All information is not official reports, I do not provide any explicit statistics. This is just a cry from the heart, a desire to talk about a problem that undoubtedly requires a speedy solution. I only hope that the article will draw the attention of those who are able to change something.

The article applies only to technical direction. Humanitarian, medical, theatrical, I do not know and do not talk about it.

Why now?

At the beginning of 2020, something unexpected and terrible happened. There was a coronavirus, a general pandemic, online negotiations, online training… everything is online.

Undoubtedly, these years and a half have had a very serious impact on many industries, but today we are talking about the education system, namely higher education.

Cry from the heart

Personally, I am a student of a very prestigious, innovative university with a huge number of positive new ideas, which, unfortunately, are not found in other universities. However, this is not enough.

I was lucky, I studied at the institute before the coronavirus, so I see how it was before and how it is now.

And I see one thing: nothing has changed. The university has taken too few steps towards change. But the attitude of students has changed enormously, and there is nothing to be done about it.


Today I don’t want to talk about seminars. I think they are very effective. This can also be seen by looking at seminar attendance. If the teacher is good, then the occupancy rate is almost 100%.

And here are the lectures … What is a good lecturer, what is a bad one … lectures are attended by 15 people out of a stream of 300 people!

At this point, students no longer see the point in lectures. So, of course, it was before. But now it is so massive that it is simply impossible not to notice it.

Lectures – on the soap!

Yes! I am strongly convinced of this. Lectures are useless in their current format. A respected professor is standing and tediously (not always, thank God) mumbling information.

In any case, students do not go to lectures. At best, then they watch them in the recording (fortunately, after the coronavirus, this is everywhere possible)!

What happens basically? People look for notes written by older generations of students from lectures of teachers, read them and pass exams with the highest score, spending many times less time on preparation.

While reading, the material is absorbed many times faster, you do not need to keep your notes – time is saved, you can return to the previous paragraph … In short, there are many times more pluses.

You can say: what about live communication? … Well, yes, it is true, it would not be enough without lectures. But there is no communication, since almost no one goes to lectures!

What instead of lectures?

But instead of lectures, it is necessary to convey theoretical material somehow?

Of course you have to. And each honored teacher often has a personal training manual. Something that students can read at home. And if it is not, then you need to write! The students themselves will help, it is enough to stir up the professor so that he does something. There is LaTeX, markdown, in extreme cases Word – you can make wonderful notes that will be insanely popular.

However, I am sure that this is not enough. Text by text, and communication with a personthose who know many times more in their specialized subject – a great opportunity to understand and improve their skills.

It seems to me that it should be like at school – home reading 🙂 The teacher says what theorems and what topics he will discuss next time. Students read (not like lectures, 1.5 hours. They spend 25 – 30 minutes). And at the “new lecture” the teacher talks with students for 30 minutes, discusses questions and difficult points of evidence.

So all students will be involved in student activities, productivity will increase significantly.

Once again, to make it clearer. At the moment, students have something that students did not have (or had to a lesser extent) 30 or more years ago. And now the task of the university is not only to transfer secret informationwhich is nowhere to be found. Now the task of the university is to teach to isolate the necessary information from the dump of any useful and unuseful.

Lectures have become outdated for a long time, because their original meaning was lost and decreased – the transfer of information from mouth to mouth. And only now, when the coronavirus has finally nailed the meaning of the lectures (since now you can watch the recordings of the 2020 lectures of almost any university), it became possible to change something and try something.


Of course, I understand that this idea can be perceived as simply an unwillingness to learn, or something like that. Yes and no. I don’t want to spend extra time on something that can be optimized. Quite a lot of young teachers follow this trend, and I want to pay attention in every way to the possibility and quality of such an approach.

Of course, it’s not for me to decide. But everyone is obliged to make at least the slightest attempt, to improve the place where he lives, studies and works – and then everything in the world will be many times better.

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