Easter egg market from 1C

I love 1C. Perhaps most of all for leaving the best for partners and users. No irony.

What is written in the purpose of any configuration? In short, two things: accounting and management. Accounting in 1C has been well done for a long time. You can always do better, but this magic phrase can be applied to anything other than Minesweeper. And the management?

All the classics and innovators say that the basis of management is planning. It does not matter, rigid and formal, flexible and “human”, sliding or reinforced concrete, but there is always planning. In life there is. Even if the plan is not written down anywhere, it always exists. May be called differently, but this is a plan.

And all the leaders of this world (except for those who are about to be kicked out for their professional incompetence) are primarily engaged in management. Which, if simplified exaggeratedly, is the execution of the plan. Well, everyone’s favorite “corrective action” designed to “send a signal through the feedback loop” in order to “change the behavior of the system.” In order for the system to fulfill the plan.

No plan, no management. In life, there is a plan and management. There is no control in 1C. Because there is no plan. Because planning systems in all 1C configurations cannot be simply taken and used – customization is imperative. This is normal and understandable – you cannot make a planning system for a reasonable price that will suit everyone. And only Elon Musk has unreasonable money.

So 1C leaves this topic to partners – modify it on the spot so that the client has planning and, therefore, management. So that it was, as it says in the booklet: accounting and management.

And partners are far from always able to do this. Because they are used to relying more on 1C and configuration than on their own knowledge and skills. To calculate the cost, you need to do this, this and that. If something doesn’t work out, ask your colleagues or developers. That’s it, the algorithm is simple.

And there is no one to ask about planning. In 1C they do not know – they gave the topic to the partners. Partners do not know, because they do not know how to master unfamiliar areas of knowledge at their own expense. Religion prohibits partners from reading books. You can invite outside consultants or attend thematic trainings, only the cost will not exceed 1 thousand rubles – this is the monthly franch budget for development. And with this money, you also need to buy a rug under the door.

It remains to ask the client. One in a hundred can explain what planning is in his case. Not immediately, but 5-10 years after the operation of the system. Therefore, normal, working scheduling systems, and so on 1C, appear very rarely. Let it be 1%.

We divide it in half – there will be those who have managed to switch from planning to management. Horror, 0.5% left.

Now we turn the glass over and we find a completely opposite, joyful picture: 99% of customers are sitting and waiting for someone to come and make their planning. Just imagine the size of the market, the number of enterprises in the sector you need, and smile greedily: they are all waiting for the solution of one and only problem. Not from 1C, but from you, partners and programmers. There is no one else.

All the dirty work has already been done there. The account is kept, the month is closed, the salary is counted, the reports are sent, the synchronization is performed, the emulators are removed. Warm, sweet, tasty client with a simple task, the solution of which he was waiting for from the very beginning.

Well, isn’t it lovely? A huge market created by 1C. How can you not love her after that?

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