Dragonflies of Titan or a tanker world moored to Saturn

here her original. True, more recent studies make us moderate optimism – for example, in 2019 there were proventhat in the natural environment of Titan, self-assembly of azotosomes from acrylonitriles is statistically impossible. But I still will not discuss here the potential habitability of Titan, especially since this topic is constantly being reviewed. I will dwell on the fact that the amazing Titan will certainly still be useful to our civilization in the most utilitarian sense – to our great luck, it has not only unimaginable reserves of the most valuable raw materials for the production of fuels and polymers, but also a (fragile) homeostasis, thanks to which it remains a completely achievable medium-term goal our civilization. Moreover, in the case of the presence of water on Titan, its terraforming seems to be a surprisingly fruitful task: the satellite is replete with methane, a strong greenhouse gas, by adjusting the concentration of which, the temperature of Titan’s atmosphere can certainly be significantly raised. About homeostasis as an important factor conducive to the development of celestial bodies – also, I hope, we will still have time to talk with you.

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