Do not disassemble your favorite puzzles. A selection of home decorating puzzles

Everyone assembled puzzles. Someone – in childhood, someone continues now. Surely, having put in place the thousandth part, you caught yourself thinking: “What will I do with the puzzle when I put it down?” It hurts even for a practical person to think about this.

The industry has solved this problem in several ways. Some of the jigsaw puzzles can be glued to the wall as a permanent decoration. Others – collect and disassemble, getting a new result.

Whenever a fresh puzzle comes to us in Madrobots, we can’t resist the temptation to put it together. The finished paintings are hanging in our office and shop. Photo proofs are attached.

Mozabrick endless puzzle

Mozabrick is a versatile puzzle without a predefined picture. Brings your best smartphone photos to physical reality. The box contains several boxes, similar to the lumpy LEGO base plates. LEGO-like parts are attached to them: plastic squares in white and black, as well as in three shades of gray.

How to assemble a puzzle? Just. We upload a photo or a picture to the Mozabrick website, receive instructions with a layout by e-mail. Now it can be assembled by attaching one piece to another to create a pixelated black and white panel.

There are two types of kits: Mozabrick S 51 × 51 cm and Mozabrick L 76 × 76 cm. The assembly of the first will take 12 hours, the second – about 27 hours. The resulting painting can be hung on the wall with 3M double-sided tape, which is included in the kit.

The puzzle remains a puzzle: if the result is not pleasant or tired, then it can be easily disassembled, for which the set includes a separator. Endless creativity.

For example, this:

Portrait of Bender. Every day pleases us and visitors of the Madrobots flagship store

Polygonal Eco Wood Art

Openwork panel Eco Wood Art called a “polygonal” puzzle. This is because its elements are connected like polygon faces in 3D graphics. The result is a design that looks great against the background of plain walls.

To assemble such a puzzle, you only need hands, attentiveness, perseverance and no glue. Details – slats with grooves and fasteners cut from plywood boards. All are numbered, so they need to be squeezed out one by one and connected in series. Follow the instructions and don’t get confused.

The finished structure can be hung on the wall using double-sided tape or glue: it is lightweight and will not fall off.

One such model unicorn (or unicorn)decorates the staircase in the Madrobots office. We used a trickier method and hung him on a rope, but this is a secret!

An office unicorn protects the entrance from evil spirits. Hand painted

There are other puzzle options: bear, Eiffel Tower, heart… On average, the size is about 70 × 50 cm. It looks great, polygons are pleasant and unusual to collect alive! But it will only take a couple of hours.

Functional world map MiMi

MiMi puzzles – world maps in mercator projection. By collecting them, you fill in the gaps in geography. Every detail is made in the form of a state, province or country. You need to squeeze them out of the tablets, and then put them together in a special stencil shape. There are no names, no clues: the countries were cut out of plywood sheets out of order. The most sporty thing to do is to collect a map relying only on memory.

There are two options. One is stenciled directly on the wall and glued immediately. This is the MiMi World Map Wall Decoration series.

Another, MiMi World Map True Puzzle, is supposed to be hung after assembly. To do this, you need to fix it with a transfer film on one side and coat it with glue on the other, and then transfer it to the wall.

The Madrobots office has a puzzle like this, and we regularly use it to make plans to take over the world: it hangs right behind the back of the COO.

This is how it looks live:

The puzzle will inspire new travels. To do this, the set contains labels of visited countries and a holder for them so that they are not lost. Labels are great at stimulating memory.

The assembled MiMi World Map Wall Decoration puzzle comes in three sizes: 90 x 54, 130 x 78 and 180 x 108… MiMi World Map True Puzzle only one: 100 x 60… Two colors, black and brown. Estimated build time: 3 hours.

3D Loft Box

Loft Box continues the idea of ​​polygons and brings it into 3D space. These are paper “replicas” of hunting trophies, during the creation of which not a single animal was harmed. there is dinosaur (tyrannosaurus), persuasive bear and fabulous unicorn… Everything is voluminous, and looks like stylized graphics from an indie game.

The Loft Box assembly process lies somewhere between origami and children’s crafts in labor lessons. It’s even easier, because the layout is printed directly on thick design paper, from which the figure is supposed to be folded.

The result is a wonderful decoration for a party or a house of a person with a good sense of humor.

Freaky Unidragon

Undiragon jigsaw puzzles entertain restless children and bored parents; as well as an inner restless, bored child as an adult. The point is how the parts in this set are cut: in the form of small, thematically selected figures.

If it’s a model “Inspirational Unicorn”, then it is collected from the prince, princess, stars and butterflies, magical artifacts and other fabulous things. “The Majestic Wolf” made up of forest dwellers, from bear and deer to fox, crow and squirrel.

The puzzle is attached to the wall in the same way as the rest: with glue or double-sided tape. Impressive picture, especially considering Unidragon’s fantasy livery. The puzzles have 3 sizes: about 100, 200 and 300 pieces. Depending on the size, it will take 2 to 4 hours to assemble.


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What kind of jigsaw puzzles would you put together and not take apart? Share in the comments!

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