DINS JS EVENING (online): concurrency on the web and is there life after closing a tab

Dmitry Zlygin from DINS will tell you how to perform several tasks in parallel on the frontend and what tools are needed for this. Maxim Salnikov from Google will share the capabilities of an API from a family of service workers that extend the life of an application.

Participation is free of charge pre-registration… The program and detailed information about the speakers – under the cut.

19: 00-19: 40 – Web concurrency – what is it and why? (Dmitry Zlygin, DINS)

Modern web applications are often data intensive. This includes processing video, sound, graphics and some calculations. Let’s go over how you can perform several tasks in parallel at the front, what tools are available to us and what you can do with all this. Let’s discuss cooperative multitasking within the main JS thread, and “true” multitasking via web workers and worklet. Let’s touch on the problem of multi-threaded processing.

The report is an overview and will be useful for both experienced front-endrs and back-endors to understand the possibilities of the modern web.

Dmitry Zlygin – has been developing exclusively frontend for more than 5 years. Has been working with JavaScript with varying success for the third decade, having seen both Netscape Navigator and IE 4.0. With the advent of Vue.js, I abandoned the backend and moved to the front-end camp, but over time I realized all the delights of React. He is currently working on a web client for video conferencing at DINS.

19: 40-19: 50 – PiterJS: community news

19: 50-20: 40 – Background services in browsers – is there life after closing a tab? (Maxim Salnikov, Google)

The user closes the browser tab and your wonderful frontend application evaporates. What if you could leave parts of it to work a little longer to improve the UX? React to some events, end the started communication with the network – in general, execute a little code with a closed tab and even a browser. Maxim will talk about various interesting API capabilities from the family of service workers that allow you to extend the life of an application so that you always have fresh data at hand, not be afraid of network problems, and be able to show notifications – all for the sake of an excellent user experience. During the presentation, we will open a browser and test the operation of the Background Sync API “live”.

Maxim Salnikov – has been creating web applications since the end of the last century and has accumulated solid experience of working with many aspects of the web platform, which he actively shares, speaking and conducting master classes at conferences for developers around the world (and organizes conferences and meetups himself). He is currently actively exploring new possibilities of the web and the idea of ​​progressive web applications (PWA) in particular.

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