DINS JAVA EVENING: API Development Approaches and Kotlin JavaFX Application

Georgy Klyukovkin from DINS will compare API development standards and tell you how to choose the right one for your project. Ivan Belozor from CROC will show you several tools that should be used when developing JavaFX applications in Kotlin. Participation is free, but you need to register

Detailed program and information about speakers – under the cut.

19: 00-19: 40 – Overview of the main approaches to API development (Georgy Klyukovkin, DINS)

Companies often face a problem when it is impossible to add new features to the current API development. The main reason for this situation is an error in choosing a standard.

Together with George, we will compare some of the most popular standards at the moment: REST, RPC, GraphQL, WebHooks and WebSockets. This will help you develop an API that best suits your company’s needs.

Georgy Klyukovkin —Llead SWD in DINS. Writes in Java and JavaScript. Work experience over 7 years.

19: 40-20: 30 – Writing a javaFX application in Kotlin (Ivan Belozor, KROK)

JavaFX is not a new and not very popular framework for implementing interfaces in Java, but it is convenient for developing desktop applications for terminals that require interaction with hardware. Ivan will tell you what tools are now useful for developing JavaFX applications, touch on the use of coroutines, TornadoFX, Kodein DI, and show several examples of writing in Kotlin.

The report will be useful for Java developers who are interested in getting acquainted with a tool for implementing UI, as well as for those who have already worked with JavaFX.

Ivan Belozor – has been with CROC for over 15 years. Came to Java from the .NET world and over the past few years has led the development of various terminals with a user interface. These were projects in .NET WPF, Android, Java (JavaFx). In the last project, I tried to use Kotlin in developing a javaFx application.

How to join

Participation is free, you need pre-registration… On the day of the meetup, we will send a link to the broadcast to the email specified during registration.

How are the meetings

Records of previous meetups can be viewed on our YouTube channel

About us

DINS IT EVENING is a meeting place and exchange of knowledge for technical specialists in the areas of Java, DevOps, QA and JS. Several times a month we organize meetings to discuss interesting cases and topics with colleagues from different companies.

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