Digitalization of project management

The task of the digitalization project during the construction of a booster compressor station at the Ety-Purovskoye gas field was to create a 3D model in CATIA software according to the original working documentation, setting up the 3DEXPERIENCE software for updating the model during change management, checking the quality of incoming updates from the general designer and setting up digital protocols and workflow.

On behalf of the management, one of the largest companies in the oil and gas sector is implementing digital platforms, developing a project approach using the best industry practices. In particular, the idea was to manage the construction of facilities (such as gas pumping stations) using a digital platform and a single web portal, to get away from paper workflow and digitize it as much as possible.


As the initial data regarding the timing of the construction and installation work, the calendar-network schedules developed in Oracle were used. Primavera. Based on these initial data, daily analytical reports were formed to monitor the limits and rates of construction.

A portal with key resource data, implemented on the basis of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, also plays an important role in the client company. It contains documented consolidated information on the construction, part of the contracts and instructions from the management based on the results of the headquarters.

3DEXPERIENCE platform of the company Dassault Systèmes – a single corporate environment, a modeling platform that helps to carry out collaborative activities. The software based on it is used in all divisions of organizations – from marketing and sales departments to design departments. Through a single interface, the platform 3DEXPERIENCE supports industry solutions assembled from 3D design, modeling and analytics software products.

Road spoon to dinner

The general contractor for the construction was KSMP LLC. The company was selected as the supplier of the digital platform 3DEXPERIENCE LLC “LMP Project Group”, the official partner of Dassault Systemes in Russia and the CIS.
This digitalization project began when construction was already in full swing: the facility was partially completed, so digitalization was incomplete. LLC “LMP Project Group” had to literally catch up with the real construction processes of the facility. Nevertheless, the general trend in the company – the translation of paper documents into electronic format – made it possible, for example, for the management to view the necessary documents at any time, even from their smartphone.

In April, May and June 2020, issues with electronic instructions were also worked out. As practice has shown, this turned out to be quite real and is already being implemented at a number of the company’s facilities. Project management portal based on 3DEXPERIENCE provides work in a single unified environment. With a digital platform, management can now control key processes.

“A 3D model of the facility under construction was developed in the CATIA software, and it was actually used, but in reality it is very much needed at the very beginning of construction, at the zero stage. Such a model, in particular, allows you to see how the object will look after the completion of construction, ”the customer’s specialists note.

In practice, it turned out that when the 3D model of the facility, which was designed to transport gas from one of the fields, was completed, its construction was already at the stage of 60% readiness, so this model was used mainly for verification, control and testing. “Now such models are being developed without fail for all gas pumping stations,” says a customer representative. – Each such model is really necessary and useful, but it must be timely. You should start using it at the right time, at the very initial stage. ”

Design management involves the formation of a single information space between the general designer and the general contractor, maintaining a single up-to-date electronic archive of design documentation.

Change management

If the customer requires some adjustments to be introduced into the project, then changes are made to the model, for example, the pile field is strengthened for increased load. They must be issued through the order of the customer. For this, an email is sent with a request to amend the project documentation. Updated design and all other documentation is uploaded to the portal and stored in one place. These are rather lengthy documents. They are available to the relevant contributors. Thus, any changes are consolidated and passed to the platform. 3DEXPERIENCE


Non-conformity management

Separate departments of the company rent up to a dozen or more objects a year, which is 100-200 gigabytes of information that must be streamlined in order to avoid chaos. Sometimes during the course of the project, the contractor is changed, certain materials are replaced. Re-negotiating any particular position takes time.

Automation of engineering documentation management simplifies the life of all participants in the process, gives a clear understanding of the situation, and in order to find the desired drawing, you do not have to open a large number of files. Therefore, everything should be in order, have a specific link to the project.

So, in one specific case, instead of nine gas-pumping complexes, it was decided to build seven, and postpone the rest to a later date. This means the adjustment of 25 sections of the project. This process can take two months. The electronic format of documents significantly reduces it.

However, the process of digitalization of documents itself can also be laborious and time-consuming. Automation comes to the rescue again. So, in this case, the translation of the documentation into electronic format and its upload into the system took two days.

“The process should be automated as much as possible, – confirms the head of the construction of the KSMP Anton Postolov. “We do it through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.” It provides real-time insight into the business and the business ecosystem, bringing people, ideas and data together in a single digital collaboration environment. Key project participants note the ease of use of 3DEXPERIENCE, flexibility in obtaining information, data availability at any time, the ability to form a corporate knowledge base, and much more.

If there is a decision of the management on the construction of such an object as a gas pumping station, then a task is given to the operating companies to calculate its required efficiency and capacity. At the exit, a technical and economic comparison is made. This data defines the concept of the project. For example, the economic efficiency of the use of pumping units with an electric motor is determined. At the same time, exploration work begins: soil samples are taken, etc. Then the design process begins, working documentation is prepared and construction begins. Each business process is closely intertwined with a BIM model hosted in 3DEXPERIENCE, where additional tools for digital project management and engineering documentation are available.

The project includes all calculations and the cost of construction, its timing, efficiency. All parameters are recorded in it. Construction is carried out exclusively according to working documentation, especially since these are industrial facilities.


Development of technical plans based on a 3D model in 3DEXPERIENCE

Who uses the 3D model of such a production facility? This is about 15% of the management team, and it is also needed directly by enforcement proceedings, manufacturing companies, foremen, foremen, VET engineers who exercise technical supervision over the implementation of construction and installation work. The 3D model makes it easy to identify various collisions, it is also used by those who draw up documents, draw up executive schemes.


It is the 3D model that determines all the parameters of pipelines, contour lines, it also becomes the basis for preparing instructions and conducting tests.

After the facility is put into operation, additional devices can be designed and manufactured using it. Thus, this model has a wide range of users – from engineers and designers to company management.

If two or three years ago, 3D models were used quite rarely. Now, almost every station is designed on the basis of a 3D model. Therefore, a 3D model is needed at the right time and at the right stage of construction.

The construction of the facility is carried out by many organizations: the customer, contractors and subcontractors, the general contractor and maintenance services. All issues that are not resolved routinely are brought to the construction headquarters. All decision-makers participate in it.

Results and plans

The results of the project and the benefits for key users were the ability to regularly update information coming from the construction site and display the status of work on a 3D model in a web-oriented space, form a knowledge base for accounting for future standard projects, reduce the time for approval of design solutions, eliminate inconsistencies, an up-to-date electronic and digital archive of documentation, finally – reducing the time spent on project headquarters by several times.

The digital platform allows you to receive summary iterative analytics on projects and regular analytics on resource use.

Project management is the number one issue. Development and implementation of project management tools is one of the target tasks set by the management of the customer company. Her immediate plans include expanded use of the available 3DExperience tools: working with deviations in the project, predicting inconsistencies, risks, quality management of BIM models, design management based on BIM models, and much more.

Modern digital platforms are becoming a recognized way to solve business problems and improve performance in the oil and gas industry, energy and natural resources and other industries. Businesses are moving towards digitalization and collaboration using an integrated approach that brings together people, information and processes that span design, product development, construction, operations and delivery.

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