Digital events in St. Petersburg from 17 to 23 April

A selection of events for the week


  • April 20 (Thursday)
  • Medikov Ave. 3, lit. A, Congress Center Lenpoligrafmash, elevator No. 2, floor H, hall “Michelangelo”
  • for free
  • Big Monitoring Meetup is a technical conference that brings together specialists from different areas of monitoring. These are engineers who operate monitoring systems, developers who create monitoring systems, integrators who use monitoring systems in their solutions.
    The conference covers the following topics:
    • infrastructure/network/application monitoring;
    • metrics and alerting;
    • solutions for industries;
    • concepts and approaches to the implementation of monitoring;
    • interaction between business and monitoring.

At VK WorkSpace Meetup, you will learn how to move to a new mail and messenger in one day, organize a video meeting for 100 people and transfer company documents to a secure cloud storage.

In a programme:

🔹Real cases. The Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation will share its experience of university migration to the Russian cloud service.

🔹Market trends. VK experts will tell you what technologies facilitate communication in a company and why public messengers can cost a lot for a business.

🔹Only practice and nothing more. How to choose the right solution for teamwork, plan your migration budget, and quickly move to a new service.

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