Digital events in Moscow from 14 to 20 November

A selection of events for the week.


  • November 16 (Wednesday)
  • online
  • is free
    1. Applicative Programming in Ruby: Secret Archives of a Secret Society of Raleway Programming Adepts — Dmitry Tsepelev — Toptal
    2. The Open Closed Principle in Ruby — Sergey Udalov — Balance Platform
      What is OCP and how this principle is applied in ruby ​​libraries
    3. PassiveRecord — Vladislav Kruglov — Netology
      What ActiveRecord can’t do, but Arel can
    4. Basic Principles – Koshel Fedor – Distribution Gmbh
      A report on the basic principles of writing code on which most design patterns are built and which allow you to write simpler, more understandable and maintainable code.

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