Digest of the week from Apple Pro Weekly News (30.05 – 05.06.22)

We sum up the results of the week before the start of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference with the latest news about it and everything that happened in the world of Apple. And some more interesting concepts, patents and novelties. No time to explain – let’s get to the news!

WWDC22 is coming

The 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off on Monday evening, June 6th. There we are waiting for new iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS. Insiders are not waiting for the announcement of the new realityOS system, but this does not prevent Apple from at least quietly announcing the new product. We will check it personally – we invite you to a text broadcast, in our Telegram-channel and Twitter we will promptly tell you about everything that will be shown during the presentation WWDC22.

We are waiting for you at the specified time in the specified place and for free 😉
We are waiting for you at the specified time in the specified place and for free 😉

And Apple published on its developer portal in a specially designed section a page Beyond WWDC – with a full schedule of conference events. Viewing all lectures and sessions throughout the week live will be available both on the portal and in the Apple Developer application.

On the eve of the presentation, the winners The Swift Student Challenge of WWDC22 has begun receiving its gifts including AirPods Pro, hat, hoodie, badges and a congratulatory letter from Apple.

This is how Apple’s gift box looks like (© Vedantapps)

Also, Apple is already in full announces broadcast WWDC22 presentations on its own website and Apple TV app. Traditionally, on the presentation page, when you click on an image with a Memoji, a special AR game is available, this time with opening a bag of developer cards – they drop out differently for everyone. There are 9 cards available that fall out randomly – 49 different combinations are obtained. Craig Federighi’s rarest mimoji card!

New AR game on the WWDC22 presentation broadcast announcement page
In the code under the cards, such emojis are encrypted, but what exactly they mean is not clear.

In addition to Apple’s own website, the WWDC22 presentation is also expected to be broadcast on Apple’s YouTube channel. And we are waiting for everyone on our text broadcast 😉

Apple Design Awards 2022 – nominees announced

As part of the Developer Conference, the Cupertino-based company annually awards winners of its App Store App and Content Awards. And here are the nominees for the Apple Design Awards, which showcase apps in 6 categories: Inclusiveness, Interaction, Visuals and Graphics, Social Impact, Delight and Fun, and Innovation. The full list of nominees can be found here.

“The award pays tribute to cutting-edge innovation, ingenuity and technical excellence in app and game design,” the announcement reads.

Each winner will receive one of these aluminum cubes from Apple.

The awards ceremony will take place on June 6 after the presentation of WWDC22. Broadcast with the results will also be available on the developer portal.

New developer betas

Apple is releasing new developer betas. These are the last beta versions before testing the next versions of the system, so it’s up to everyone to decide whether to update for testing or not.

• iOS 15.6 Beta 2 (19G5037d)

• iPadOS 15.6 Beta 2 (19G5037d)

• tvOS 15.6 Dev Beta 2 (19M5037c)

• HomePod 15.6 Beta 2 (19M5037c)

• watchOS 8.7 Beta 2 (19U5037d)

• macOS Monterey 12.5 Beta 2 (21G5037d)

Installation of beta versions is available under a special profile

The second beta of iOS 15.6 fixed the same bug when the Music app, when installed, replaces any other application in the dock. Yes, it was not a feature! For iPadOS in the latest beta version, the display of icons in the multitasking menu has been fixed, and for macOS some bugs and vulnerabilities have been fixed. The release of these systems is expected before the end of summer.

Concepts: what new iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 could be, and what if the MacBook Air is multi-colored

In the upcoming iOS 16, many are waiting for a redesign of the lock screen, and here is one of the concepts of the iPhone lock screen in the style of the “Portraits” watch face. It would also be a great idea to put the charge display on one of the buttons at the bottom, or even better so that these buttons can be customized to your needs.

What could be a lock screen in the style of the “Portraits” watch face (© Konovalov Konstantin – aaple_lab)

The next concept is a completely redesigned Clock application. Probably, in iOS 16 we will get a similar redesign, what do you say?

Clock app concept in iOS 16

According to rumors, in iPadOS 16 Apple will change the multitasking interface, supposedly it will be easier to understand which applications are open and switch between them. Expected and the emergence of the ability to change the size of open windows, as well as the addition of new ways to work with multiple applications at the same time. Another concept demonstrates one of the variations of such an interface:

Concept for iPadOS 16 and its multitasking features (© Daring Fireball)

But what if the MacBook Air also comes in different colors, like the iMac 24 “? Here is a concept of a color laptop appeared on the net.

The novelty itself is quite real – of all MacBook models with M series chips, only the MacBook Air is now experiencing delivery delays. There are rumors that his successor may be presented at the WWDC22 presentation.

The whole palette of the new MacBook Air

And on the website of the American authorized reseller B&H Photo, the mysterious Mac mini Tower 8/256 on M1 Pro and Mac mini 8/256 on M2 appeared. What is Apple really preparing? 🤔

Patent: WATCH with camera

A fresh Apple patent for such an interesting design has appeared on the net: WATCH with a built-in camera in the DigitalCrown wheel. Surely this design will be in the most expensive models, and it’s not a fact that it is available all over the world.

WATCH camera patent at DigitalCrown (© Patently Apple)

Interesting accessories: iPad mini wireless charging case and Apple TV remote case

There were various rumors that MagSafe could be integrated into the iPad. But the famous manufacturer of carbon cases Pitaka released magnetic charging and a dedicated MagEZ Case Pro specifically for iPad mini 6. The polycarbonate and aramid case transfers charge to the USB-C port from the contacts on the back of the case. The price of such novelty is from $79.

MagEZ Case Pro for iPad mini 6 by Pitaka

Apple explained that they increased the thickness of the remote for Apple TV because users lost the old thinner version in the couch or somewhere else. And even if you still often lose your Apple TV Siri Remote, Nomad released Leather Case with a compartment for AirTag. A very high-quality novelty, it must be admitted, and for only $40.

Case for Apple TV Siri Remote by nomad

Apple releases AirPods ad in the style of the legendary iPod ad

The Cupertino-based company seems to have decided to gracefully mark the end of the iPod era by releasing an AirPods commercial with spatial audio set to Harry Styles, in the style of that legendary iPod ad.

That’s all for now, ahead of us is the week of the Apple Developers Conference. We remind you about the text broadcast of the presentation of Apple WWDC22 – June 6 at 20:00 Moscow time in our Telegram-channel or Twitterwho recently crossed the milestone of 10,000 subscribers 🥳

See you!

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