Digest of news from the world of design for August

Trash design from Indilavka, the controversial logo of the digital ruble and the new design of Wildberries pick-up points. What do I think about these and 11 other news – in a new review.

Art. Lebedev Studio introduced a new logo

The new studio logo is constantly changing. As noted in the company, this “reflects the widest range of interests of the studio today.” In each section of the site, the letters of the logo in the header are transformed: this is an interesting solution and a cool hint of flexibility and diversity.

It’s funny that usually the guys led by Artemy don’t look at anyone and do “how they feel”, but this time they followed one of the currently popular trends for arched and rounded fonts. In general, the logo looks quite readable, the changeability of broadcasts and openness are well played.

Result: 5/5

Digital ruble: a new logo created by the Bank of Russia

The logo consists of two interconnected elements: the ruble sign and a circle framing it, which, on the one hand, repeats the shape of a traditional coin, and on the other, echoes the logo of the Bank itself.

I think it’s a sign Pturned out to be very controversial in composition, uncentered. At the bottom right there is a lot of emptiness: it would be nice if the emptiness had some kind of counterform (then something like yin-yang could turn out), but, alas, there is none. In addition, the logo of the digital ruble must definitely be adaptive: and looking at the current one, it is difficult to imagine how it will be modified for specific media..

But the colors of the logo are cool: deep and berry.

Result: 2/5

Lassie, children’s clothing brand, revealed a new identity

As planned, the new visual style was supposed to convey the aesthetics of the landscapes of the northern countries, their open spaces and tranquility.

In practice, it turned out a little automotive: here the letter A is like a part of the car, and the letters themselves. But if we ignore the thought of cars, then the redesign went to the benefit of the company. The new logo, due to the color and thickness, looks heavier and more branded, albeit a little cold for children.

Result: 4/5

SberMegaMarket became just MegaMarket

Now the marketplace is called “Megamarket”, and the design of the site uses new, eye-pleasing shades.

The font logo embodies the idea of ​​empathy and care: it looks very friendly. Its significant element is the original shelf system. Dies of different shapes, colors and sizes symbolize the multi-category and variety of goods on the marketplace, the company notes.

The brand has lost its Sber identity, but it looks cool and modern on its own.

Result: 5/5

Art. Lebedev Studio updated the avatar of the Telegram channel “Not Morgenstern”

Two strongholds of irony: Artemy Lebedev’s studio and rapper Mongerstern (recognized as a foreign agent) met to develop something completely post-ironic.

One of the goals of the channel’s brand is not to be associated with the personality of the singer. They themselves did not understand how to evaluate the result, therefore …

Bottom line: animation – 5/5, Morgenstern from the Sims game – 3/5

New packaging for Vlada Bumaga pizzerias

The concept of the service goes hand in hand with the content on the blogger’s YouTube channel — the challenge “Delivery in 30 minutes!”. And all the kids, of course, already want this pizza, despite the stock graphics.

The target audience of the project does not care what the packaging looks like in terms of design (not very), but the fact of the presence of the A4 inscription makes it an object of desire.

Result: 2/5

The new design of Wildberries pick-up points is a fresh solution, finally!

The new visual style is based on the silhouettes of berries of different shapes and sizes. Now the pickup points look much more comfortable compared to those that we saw before.

Cornices, mirrors and ottomans in fitting rooms have smooth lines.

Inside the fitting rooms, the walls are designed in a dark tone. For unpacking large goods and checking electronics, there is a separate table with everything you need. The chandelier and curtains are a bit like a bohemian brothel, but the infographics and pattern soften this impression.

Result: 4/5

Change of logo in the “Snow Queen”

The new visual concept of the brand is based on the purity of lines and clarity of style. The logo has become thinner and lighter, while retaining the signature crown and black and white color scheme.

Of the minuses: the letters L and A turned out to be pointed, because of which the corners knock down the rhythm of the line. If you make them with other upper parts, then the logo, which also has a lot of sharp corners, would look more accentuated.

Result: 3/5

M.Video thinking about a new logo

The general look of the logo has remained the same, the red and white combination of colors familiar to the brand and the first letter written in a lettering font will also remain untouched.

Such a decision will help to smoothly transition to a new identity and slowly update stores. The old logo was a bit like emblems from Soviet refrigerators, but looking at the new logo, such associations no longer arise.

Result: 5/5

Rebranding in the online school “Umskul”

The main symbol of the school – the “bear” – was preserved, but the guys changed its character and silhouette to sharp and clear. The team stylized illustrations of objects and achievements as diagrams and drawings from school textbooks.

The new identity looks modern and, most importantly, easy to use.

Result: 5/5

VkusVill launched Indilavka

The concept and visual identity for Indilavka was developed by VkusVilla art director Elizaveta Lapkina. The project has its own logo, corporate colors and mascot – an airy blue elephant.

It seems that the identity was created to attract attention and noise with talk about terrible design: the elephant is crooked, the font looks like flies and bugs, and the combination of blue with black and brown is a complete failure.

I’m sure the design is deliberately bad.

Result: 1/5

Figure skater Alexandra Trusova will have a logo with a rocket

Alexandra Trusova registers as a trademark the image of a rocket and her name in Latin.

The logo looks like both a rocket (as the figure skater is called) and the Olympic flame at the same time, but it is made extremely tastelessly. The sign falls apart compositionally, the font part is unbalanced: as if instead of a logo, we have just a sketch.

Result: 2/5

Wildberries is testing a new logo

The new logo uses a different font when writing the name of the platform: it is more fluid and all letters are lowercase.

It looks great, but it’s not clear why it was necessary to fill up the letter d. The rest of the letters are excellent.

Result: 5/5

Restyling of the Domashny TV channel

Designers needed to keep two basic attributes of recognition: the shape of the D logo and the main color of the brand – magenta.

The logo has really changed little: it just became more mother-of-pearl (such a texture is not easy to convey graphically) and more intense pink.

Result: 4/5

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