Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer #465 (November 7 — 13)

In the new release, no place in the Telegram contest and ignorance of standards, a big move and current time, applications on Go, own SDK, simple LTV prediction and much more.

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How I participated in the Telegram contest to create a media editor and won no place (but gained invaluable experience?)
• Animating transitions for content in SwiftUI
• How to make a convenient interaction with Kotlin from Swift: an overview of problems and solutions
• Apple certifications. Understanding. What is it and why is it needed at all?
• Parsing tableHeaderView and viewForHeaderInSection on a simple application
Ignorance of standards is no excuse: Unicode, Swift, Strings
Native Dependency Injection in Swift
Stop spending more time resolving merge conflicts in .pbxproj
How to build universal iOS frameworks for distribution
Call multile API calls with Combine and Stateflow
JetBrains’ AppCode IDE vs. xcode
How Does Swift Concurrency Prevent Thread Explosions?
Running Code Only Once in SwiftUI
Swift Regex Deep Dive
VideoPlayer in SwiftUI (iOS 14+)
How to Deal With iOS Local Storage and iCloud, to Have Synchronized Data
Simple MVVM to Improve coding
Behavioral and General Interview Questions for iOS Developer 2022
Swift 5.8 Is For Early Adopters
Drawing App in SwiftUI 3 using Canvas
The Complete Guide to iOS 16 Passkeys – App and Backend Implementation
Use a Base Class or a Protocol In Swift?
Build an iOS Networking App With Automated JWT Authorization
API client in Swift using Generics, Codable
31 Days Later and I Finally See the Light with SwiftUI
Top iOS interview questions and answers 2022
Language Detection and Text to Speech in SwiftUI Apps
Why is Rosetta 2 fast?
Introduction to SwiftUI Modularization with SPM
Implement Coordinator Design Pattern Using Combine
A macOS Development Playbook
Understanding Swift Compiler
How to create an iOS app that takes secret photos while the iPhone screen seems to be turned off
Pin: simple AutoLayout
Iron: SwiftUI workout tracker


The Story of the Big Migration of an Android App
• Kotlin Extensions for Android project
• Android. Starting Kivy App and Service on bootup
• Back and forth: how we tried to keep track of the current time in Android
• Deep Dive Into Deep Link. Part 4: Trouble: Schemaless Links, Second Host, Hijacking Everything
Form Factors: Android Dev Summit ’22
Google expands third-party billing on Play
7 Android Lifecycle Interview Questions That Some Got Wrong
What’s new in Modifiers — Notes from ADS’22
Kotlin JSON Benchmark on Android (2022): Moshi vs Kotlin Serialization
Retrofit – Effective error handling with Kotlin Coroutine and Result API
Graphics Using Jetpack Compose
Marquee with Jetpack Compose
Exploring Lazy Staggered Grids in Jetpack Compose
Effectively using Android Lint in existing projects
Implement Integration Tests in Jetpack Compose Android Apps
Where does TransactionTooLargeException come from if I didn’t do anything wrong?
Mastering Android Dialogs: Don’t follow official Google Guides
Allowing other apps to start your app activity using Intent and Intent Filters
Quickly scroll to the top of a list
7 Useful Android Jetpack Compose Libraries You Should Use in Your Next Project
iOS Is Open Source
Show BottomBar conditionally in Compose
Easy SharedPreferences with Delegated Properties in Kotlin
Simplify Form Validation using Kotlin Flow on Android
Kotlin vs. Java: The Clean Code Edition
Extracting Colors from an Image Using the Palette API Android
Exploring text on Canvas using drawText API in Jetpack Compose
Compose Navigation Reimagined: navigation for Compose

Cross platform

• Development of mobile applications on Go
Launch your app with Flutter Native Splash Screen
Enhance your app with Firebase Dynamic Link + Riverpod + GoRouter
Using Enums like a Pro in Flutter
Top 10 Flutter Packages That Speed ​​Up Your App Development
5 Tools I Used To Build a Component Library
Email Verification with Flutter Firebase
Our journey to Kotlin Multiplatform
Compose Multiplatform: Compose for Desktop and Web


• How to maintain design documentation so that your team understands what it is doing
Checklist for building your own SDK
• How not to crash on Soft Launch: we analyze the most common mistakes
Is Continuous Delivery pointless?
• Telegram Bot in the service of test automation. Or how, while drinking tea with buns, run autotests from your phone
Declarative UI: Flutter vs SwiftUI vs Jetpack Compose
• What to consider in the development of a superapp. We tell on the example of the application “My Beeline”
• Tester. Or why it is important to change your role in the team
• How to make friends with developers and testers using custom TMS: Avito’s experience
Quality Gates: I need your clothes, boots, and motorcycle
Podlodka #293: how to sell your ideas
How to predict customer LTV using machine learning and Python
What I learned in 18 months as a Product Owner
Yandex made digital programming tutorials
GitHub introduced a voice assistant for Copilot
4 Habits That Made Me a Better Developer
How to become a super-focused software developer
How do One-Time passwords work?
Learn Google’s Carbon Programming Language – A Tutorial
Why OOP Is Bad
Redesigning the player pages for the OneFootball app: a UX case study
Mastodon: decentralized social network

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Twitter installs up 21% and revenue up 66%
More than $10 million in monthly revenue: How hyper-casual music games beat exorbitant royalties
Analysis of 2.9 million apps on Google Play
YouTube leads in revenue in the App Store
Supplementing the test checklist when updating the icon and splash screen in mobile apps

AI, Devices, IoT

• Lavritech V7.1 Lite: programming Wiren Board blocks on a DIN rail
• Bleeding the pump with ESPHome and relay from Sonoff
Computer Vision Image Analysis 4.0 improves image processing
Google and Renault are working on a “software-defined vehicle”
OpenAI launched DALL-E API
5 Best Books to Learn Machine Learning For Data Scientists

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