Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer #454 (August 22 — 28)

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Beyond the App Store, or What’s new opens MDM and Supervised for B2B in iOS
• What will happen to iOS development in Russia
Finita la State Machine – MVI in iOS App
Apple invites you to the presentation on September 7
Animations of sorting algorithms in Swift Charts
Intrinsic Content Size: Swift’s Sizing Mystery
Create Custom View Components in SwiftUI
Few ways of improving your iOS APP performance in Swift
Autocompletion for Swift Package Manager Commands
Share Swift Code Between Client App and Vapor Server
Handling Cell Interactions When Using UIHostingConfiguration in iOS 16
Easy VIPER Architecture on Playground for busy people
Factory Method and Abstract Factory in Swift and iOS Universe
How to Implement a GameKit Leaderboard in SwiftUI
Create Custom View Components in SwiftUI
SwiftUI: Mastering Picker and PickerStyles
Swizzling in Swift
iOS Screen Navigation Engine at Revolut
The Best and Fastest Ways to Install Xcode on your Mac
Swift Framework? Modularize your project with ‘Swift Framework’ in 30 seconds!
Exploring Apple’s DeveloperToolsSupport Framework
SwiftUI Button Tutorial: Customization
Apple’s use of AppKit, Mac Catalyst and SwiftUI in macOS
Memento Pattern with SwiftUI
Using SwiftUI inside an ancient UITableView or UICollectionView
Swift Combine: CurrentValueSubject, the most useful subject of all times
AppDesignKit: ready-made screens for iOS
Puppertino: A CSS framework to mimic iOS
CryptoSwift: Encryption and Security Algorithms


• Turning an old Android phone into a web server
Expert interview for the position of Senior Android Developer
• How to create animations in Jetpack Compose
How WorkManager Works in Android
• Danger. We automate the review on CI and write our own plugin
• Why I will no longer use deep linking from the Navigation Component
Android 13 image for Raspberry Pi 4 released
How to fix common Android API deprecations
To Flow or not to Flow? Message subscription in Kotlin
MVI with state-machine. tools.
Jetpack Compose Accompanist – An FAQ
How to move View with Keyboard in Android using Kotlin
Build an offline-first app
Unit Testing Test Doubles and Exploring the Mocking Framework in Kotlin
Sticky item in RecyclerView
Clean Dependency Management in Multi Module Android Projects
Kotlin: An Illustrated Guide – Scopes and Scope Functions
6 Jetpack Compose Guidelines to Optimize Your App Performance
Firebase Remote Config Force Update
Faster and Quality PR Reviews for Android UI Features
Creating an App in Android Automotive OS
CameraX 1.2 is now in Beta
KSP for Code Generation
Improving Performance with Baseline Profiles
Wear OS Tiles Material Library: Build Tiles, Fast.
Parameter Injection for Android ViewModels
How To Avoid Use Cases Boilerplate in Android
Swipe Button using Jetpack Compose
PilBox – Building Android Apps in PicoLisp
Top Tips for Adopting Android’s Notification Permission
Android Development – Memory Leaks
DroidconKotlin: Kotlin Multiplatfom for Droidcon conferences
Android Kotlin Starter Project 2022: Clean Project Pattern
Charty: Charts for Jetpack Compose

Cross platform

• How to make friends Redux and Elementary
• Unity: Selecting and loading files by the user on the WebGL assembly
Finally a Quick & Easy Way to write tests for your Flutter Apps
Pagination in Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile
7 Free Online Flutter Courses to learn App Development
Google’s Recommended Flutter State Management
Flutter Clean Architecture with Rorty App
How I separate the logic and my view in React Native
How I convert Figma designs to React Native with BuilderX
Flutter Flame: simple optimization techniques
5 mind-blowing Flutter tips and tricks that you can use right away!


Slack Codebase Refactoring: Stabilization, Modularization, and Modernization
• Yandex releases DivKit, an open source framework for server-driven UI
• Programming is about communication
Agile projects turned into waterfalls with sprints
• The role of a UX writer and copywriter in a multiverse of madness
• How we made a super app based on Mail
• How we wrote an application for delivery from restaurants
• How we made a start-up to help migrants
• Application icons as a trademark: expectation and reality
Job interview problems: longest palindrome in a string
What salary to ask for in an interview? How to ask for a raise?
Podlodka #282: Nim, part 1
Docker for Beginners Tutorial
$24 million in Series A: Thirdweb – Web3 development framework
$12.5 million in Series A: Mobot – robots that test applications
Viva Engage is a social network for enterprises in Teams
We spent 5 million rubles on a mobile application for dentistry and tell where we went wrong and how it works
Object-oriented or functional? Two ways to see the world
I’m new to System Design, where do I start?
Why I Wish I Learned Data Structures and Algorithms Earlier
A Graph-Based Firebase
Stop saying 10x developer
SurrealDB: cloud database

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Pinterest’s Shuffles Collage Maker Takes Top App Store Tops
• How we made an affiliate program for bloggers in a mobile shooter
Zynga launches Maybelline cosmetics for the first time
App reviews and ratings appeared in RuStore
Yandex sells media assets and returns to search
Instagram copies BeReal
Schmooze: meme based dating
Snapchat + after the first month lost half of the paid subscribers

AI, Devices, IoT

• Can Midjourney replace the designers? Testing the neural network
• How to develop tests for a smart home device?
Artificial Intelligence for Beginners – New Microsoft Training Course

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