Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer #446 (June 6 — 12)

In our new digest, news from WWDC, multi-module BDSM and stable Android 13, Flutter for the Web (which still sucks), coding patterns and practices, tricky filters, and more!

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Why did Universal Links stop working in Russia?
Rating of iOS development tools 2022
• Draw an interactive line chart on iOS using Charts
How the new Independency modularity system works in Avito
• KeyChain. User account
• UserDefaults. User Settings
Apple is preparing new MacBook Air and Pro

Apple updates Nearby Interaction
Apple Design Awards 2022 Winners
Benchmarks in App Analytics
Apple opens WeatherKit API
Getting started with WeatherKit
• WWDC 2022. What’s new in SwiftUI
• Create and customize charts with the new Swift Charts Framework
• What’s new in Xcode?
Improvements in Xcode 14
StoreKit Updates
iOS and watchOS now have Developer Mode
New APIs for developers with WWDC 2022
Improvements for Swift and SwiftUI
Xcode Cloud is now available to everyone
Apple introduced the M2 processor
What’s new in Swift 5.7
What’s new in SwiftUI for iOS 16
What’s new in SwiftUI at WWDC22
Meet WeatherKit and Swift Charts

Increasing the rating of applications using SKStoreReviewController

Tips for Embedding Universal Links in Your iOS Apps

Why is unit testing in iOS different from others?

Github Copilot for Swift Developers

Use Markdown to Improve Swift Code in Xcode

Swift – 6 things you might have known but forgot

What is the difference between any and some in Swift 5.7?

Food Truck: multi-platform application on Apple’s SwiftUI

NotificationBanner: notifications for iOS apps


• Multi-module BDSM: how to link Gradle modules and how to communicate with them after that?
• How to make an Android application testable? Part 1 – MVP and MVVM
Google launches App Actions in Android Shortcuts
Google Play opens new Accelerator and Indie Games Festival
Android 13 has reached stability
Update UI with state management in Jetpack compose
Three Features of Android Studio You May Have Missed
When Jetpack Glance met his colleague Work Manager
Multi-module architecture in Android
The principle of separation of the interface in Android with Kotlin extensions and inline functions
Dive into Android Security
Managing UI State in Jetpack Compose with Sealed Classes
Guide to your first annotation processor with KSP
The most popular misconception about RxJava
ViMusic: Player for YouTube Music
Conferences4Hall: conferences on Kotlin Multiplatform

Cross platform

• Flutter for Web: a guide for beginners
• QML Tutorial
How to make users feel good? Development of internal products on React Native
• How to painlessly make multiplayer on Godot that will work in the browser
• Create your own instrument. Part 1: Dart Script
• About Flutter 3
• More about Flutter 3
• How to apply BEM methodology in a Flutter project
Flutter and SonarQube for Static Code Analysis
The Other Side of Flutter/Dart
Building a design system using atomic design methodology in Flutter
Native modules in React Native using Java and Swift
Extended enums in Flutter 3
A year later, Flutter for the Web still sucks
Exploring Dart Constructors


Coding Patterns and Practices Course
• How to create a mobile farm, or wow! And you are a mobile farmer
• Test analysis – how to throw out the excess
• 10 Common User Interface Mistakes
• How to monitor the health of guinea pigs using Machine Learning and a mobile application
App Design Inspiration #78
Why You Shouldn’t Use an IDE to Write Code
Podlodka #271: tax residency
How to always be a promising developer
Compensation packages for employees in IT: SuperJob study
Have you completed the Google UX course? And now what?
Complexity kills developers
The product cannot be left to product managers
Working with code performance – micro and macro optimization
Work more stupid – a plan to get more free time and work less
How to correctly calculate the time for a project
RustDesk: Rust Remote Desktop

Analytics, marketing and monetization

• Insidious percentile filters
Apocalypse Now: Mobile Marketing Gets Harder
Pokémon GO makes $6 billion
Mobile Marketers: Summer Edition. Elizaveta Zharkova (VKontakte gaming platform)
Coinbase downloads halved in 2022

AI, Devices, IoT

• How we took 1st place in the Matching task in the Data Fusion Contest 2022, or how a neuron overtook boosting
• Telegram bot with language model trained on 2ch
• DIY: repeater on micro:bit and LoRa radio module increases the communication range
$23.9 million in Series A: Gantry – AI evaluation and improvement

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