Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer #442 (May 9 — 15)

In our digest news, announcements from Google I/O 2022 and the eviction of Carthage from git, the mysterious WorkManager and the replacement of the native with a web application, regression testing, interview questions, billions of notifications per month and much more. Connect!

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• How to natively render voice in iOS
• Check out Carthage from git, or How we linked Carthage + Rome + S3 in our project
• Type placeholders in Swift: what they are and when to use them
Apple restructures Services and separates advertising into a separate area
Apple Music kicks other apps out of the iOS dock
5 Relevant Xcode Extensions to Streamline Development
About the architecture of iOS applications
How to Read Websites in SwiftUI – Data Parsing in iOS
6 Tips for Improving Swift Code
Custom geometry in SceneKit in SwiftUI
Core Data Relationship in Swift 5 – as easy as shelling pears
Animated rating in SwiftUI
Modeling errors in Swift
Write beautiful code with Swift Result Builder
Creating a selectable list using generics
SwiftUI: choosing an application architecture
How We Use SwiftUI in the Medium iOS App
Is semi-modal View possible in SwiftUI?
Measuring application performance in Swift
AR App in Swift – Tutorial
Top 20 iOS Interview Questions for Beginner to Intermediate
CHIPageControl: animated page indicators
UIPilot: type-safe navigation for SwiftUI


• How we use feature flags in the QIWI Wallet mobile application
The Curious Case of the WorkManager Crash
• Letter of happiness: how we divided our builds for AppGallery and Google Play
Working with memory in Android: GC, ARC, RAM
• Kotlin, handle exceptions in coroutines correctly
• Android Studio. Kotlin. Connecting Google Calendar via Content Provider
Android and Play at Google I/O 2022
Google Home Extension for Visual Studio Code
Google Play launches custom product pages and events
Google Play offers prepaid subscription and lowers the minimum price to 5 cents
Android Studio Chipmunk Stable Released
New in Android Development Tools
Jetpack Compose Beta 1.2
Jetpack Compose for Wear OS
The second beta of Android 13 for everyone
Google Play SDK Index
New Health Connect – API for secure access to health data
Hack to save time when working with Jetpack Compose
Accessibility in a dual screen app
Toolbar Collapsing in Jetpack Compose – Problem, Solutions and Alternatives
Understanding files generated by Proguard and manual deobfuscation of Stacktrace
SOLID principles with Kotlin examples
Building our own IntelliJ code review plugin
Robust Tests for Android Notifications
7 Things to Keep in Mind When Building a Jetpack Composable
Dagger 2 and Hilt for Android in less than 10 minutes
Andromeda – open source Jetpack Compose design system
Now in Android: Android Development Best Practices
PowerSpinner: Dropdown Menus for Android
Compose Animated Music Card: Animated Cards

Cross platform

I replaced a native iOS app with a cross-platform web app – and no one noticed!
Flutter 3 introduced
• Flutter for Apple TV
• Jugger – dependency injection like in Android
Flutter Dev Podcast #35: Infrastructure Security for Flutter Development
Why division by 0 doesn’t result in an error in Dart
Flutter and working with native code
7 cool features of the Dart language
The main mistakes that developers make when developing a Flutter application
Flutter: Complete Roadmap 2022


• Everything you need to know about ECS
• Breadcrumb guide, or basic level design techniques
• How we spent 1,000,000 rubles on game development and earned 80,000 rubles
• QA without routine: how we automated regression testing
End of Product Management
• Comparing UX/UI of grocery delivery services: Yandex Lavka, Samokat, Sbermarket, Ozon Fresh, Utkonos
• How we created the engine on Unity (part 0)
• Why should Unity game developers use static analysis?
• 10 Game Design Tips from Unity for Beginning Game Developers
We send a billion notifications a month
Podlodka #266: recruitment as a product
Podlodka #267: codecs
$6.6M Seed: Novu – Open Notification Framework
$80 million in Series B: Supabase is an alternative to Firebase
firebase is being updated
Fleksy releases its keyboard SDK
Appwrite opens fund to support open source projects
10 Things I Learned While Designing Decentralized Finance Applications
The interview formula that will get you the FAANG/MAANG offer
My Google Programming Interview Question
No one should use rubber ducky for debugging in 2022
Your Git commit history should read like a history book
I say goodbye to Firebase
The saddest story of “Just Ship It”
The Complete System Design Guide 2022
If I could only learn 6 programming languages ​​in my life, I would learn these
How to become a web3 developer

Analytics, marketing and monetization

• Why did Alfa-Bank create Growth Hacking teams, or “We will change the buttons ourselves”
78% of users opt out of personalized ads in the App Store
Match Group: the company is a “hostage” of Google
State of Customer Messaging 2022 Report by OneSignal
Top Earning US Apps in April

AI, Devices, IoT

• How to improve skeleton recognition in MediaPipe
• How and why we built ML Space
Google introduced Pixel 6a

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