Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer #439 (April 11 — 17)

In the new digest of mixed reality headsets and development for embedded systems on Swift, VKontakte reactions and fictional languages, Yandex Go for the blind, mobile security, clinical support robots and much more!

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Developing for Embedded Systems using Swift
• [boringssl] Failed to log metrics
• Performance of built-in higher-order functions vs. for-in loop in Swif
• Processing Push notifications on the client when they are received. And some code
• Working with Diffable data source and table views using UIKit
iOS 16 is full of mixed reality headset references
The best way to organize the architecture of an iOS project
SwiftUI and Structured Concurrency
Weak self, a story about memory management and closures in Swift
SwiftUI and Responsive Stack Views
Dropdown menu in iOS: a new way to interact
Introduction to RGUIKit: A Modern Declarative UI Framework for iOS
3 Ways to Rotate Objects in SceneKit
Everything you need to know about the 8-Point Grid in UX Design
Creating the CarPlay Audio App
Xcode 13: how to create your own project templates
Swift 5.7: Optionals deployment improvements
Swift: Creating a select list using generics
Spring animation in SwiftUI
My 3 wishes for WWDC 2022
iOS localization workflow
Remove datagroup to reduce developer cognitive load in Swift
SOLID Principles in Swift
How to use GameplayKit in an iOS arcade game
How to use SpriteKit in an iOS arcade game
8 Best Development Tools for iOS Developers
Navigation and Data Passing in SwiftUI
Finding iOS Memory Leaks Like a Pro
RoughSwift: Drawable Shapes for SwiftUI
Periphery: search for unused code
AltStore: App store for iOS


• Implementation of reactions in the VKontakte application on Android
10 open Jetpack Compose projects to inspire you
How Retrofit works. Java Dynamic Proxy. Library architecture
• Comparing ready-made solutions for the implementation of MVI-architecture on Android
• The path to Android autotesting with native tools: we tried everything on the market and made our own conclusions
• Build.prop – sound quality improvement
From View to Composable: A quick transition to Jetpack Compose with Android View
Kotlin Sequences: Getting Started
L to 12L
Navigating in Jetpack Compose with custom NavType
Exploring the Android RoleManager
Unit test with Kotlin Flow
Application migration to Android 12
7 things that annoy me about Jetpack Compose
Two-Way Data Binding in Jetpack Compose
Compliance with the Rule in the Kotlin era
Composable metrics
Getting started with Material3 in your application
All you need for MVI is Kotlin. How to reduce without reducing?
Writing Functional Test Cases in Android
Implementation of complex UX/UI animations in a spinner
Animated plate using Jetpack Compose
10 Jetpack Compose projects to inspire you
CPU Performance Monitoring in Lyft Android Apps
What can be learned from the 2022 Android App Excellence Summit
PhotoEditor: photo editor for Android
Compose Material Dialogs: Material Shapes for Android


• How we learn to adapt Yandex Go for blind users: expectations, harsh reality, developer’s checklist
• How to make a portfolio to get a job as an artist in game development
• Fictional languages ​​as a way to build the game world
• How we organized “Driving School” and taught testers how to write autotests
How I made and released an application on Flutter in 2 days
• The most popular free engines for game development
• Why the results of UX research do not go to work
• A selection of materials on mobile security “Awesome Mobile Security”
• Flutter. MVVM. Start
Hired’s 2022 Developer Performance Report
Podlodka #263: discs and media, part 1
App Design Inspiration #74
TikTok Launches Effect House AR Effects Platform
$150 million at a valuation of 1 billion: Genies is a digital avatar ecosystem
3 Design Patterns Every Developer Should Know
UX design for kids how to create a product kids will love
GitHub has launched a check for secret data
Program like there is no if statement
$50M Series B: Cocos Technology – Game Engine
Netflix launches Two Thumbs Up evaluation
Confirmation Bias in UX Design
Flutter Course for Beginners – 37 Hour Guide to Developing Cross-Platform Applications
First User Experience for SaaS Products: How to Design a Great Onboarding Experience for Your Users
Everything you need to know about the 8-Point Grid in UX Design
Lofi Hip-Hop for programming
A/B testing is dead
Building Talking Apps for Alexa
Software development is not a 9 to 5 job
15 UX Design Principles Everyone Should Know
20 Best Flutter Developer Libraries
How promotion ruins a developer’s career
Why Every Programmer Should Learn C++
Stop using JSON web tokens for authentication
Inside Atlassian’s longest downtime ever
Hybrid SDK architecture in RevenueCat
The Dependency Inversion Principle: How Google Developers Code

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Using Creative Strategies to Connect with Asian Gamers – TopWorks Creative Studio​
Apple criticizes Facebook for 50% commission
Niantic announces second original Peridot game
Rejection of IDFA will cost media companies tens of billions of dollars in 2022
Doomsday Alarm Clock: Doomsday Alarm Clock for iOS
UGC advertising 2022

AI, Devices, IoT

• How we measure student success in English (4 years of development)
• FSDP Algorithm: Accelerating AI Model Training and Reducing the Number of GPUs
Razer and Lambda launch TensorBook, a machine learning laptop
• What an IoT platform consists of: authentication and security
Ozon Tech ML Meetup
Meta Plans to Release Multiple AR Glasses by 2030
$30M in Series B: Diligent Robotics – Clinical Support Robots
iRobot has released a new educational robot Create 3

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