Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer #436 (March 21 — 27)

In the new digest visualization of the build graph and OAuth in mobile applications, a solo developer startup and mobile application security, testing stereotypes, a new Performance Index, natural language and much more!

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• How I visualized the build graph. Build Graph for Xcode
How useful is the Coordinator template in an iOS app?
• How I came third in the Telegram contest and won $2,000
Becoming an iOS Simulator Master
Half screen controller in iOS – UISheetPresentationController
Deep dive into FormatStyle
Difference between Nib and Xib
How to add beautiful UITextField animation with Swift
Clean architecture in SwiftUI 5.5
Learn Protobuf for iOS Locally
5 Useful Xcode Extensions to Make Your Work Easier
Scalable modular architecture for iOS
Restoring State in SwiftUI
How to use the preprocessor operator in a Swift project
Sharing Authentication State Between Apps, App Clips and Widgets
Improving Swift Code Quality with Error Handling
How to write images to camera stream in iOS
Getting started with CloudKit
Swift coding standards in loops
SwiftMessages: custom messages
SwiftUIX: SwiftUI extension


• OAuth in mobile applications
• C from Python (ctypes) on Android
Google Play launches third-party billing program
Russia will create its own app store for Android
Working with the keyboard in Jetpack Compose
Improved caching with Kotlin Flow and reduce function
Mandatory for Android Developer: Protocol Buffers
Regular Expressions in Kotlin
Some bugs I found while developing with KMM
Dagger + Anvil: How to Love Dependency Injection on Android
Exploring Notification Permission in Android 13
Data Store – MAD Skills
Preparing for the Google Associate Android Developer Certification
Step by step guide to upload files using WorkManager
Exploring MovableContentOf in Jetpack Compose
Sending audio stream from client to server using WebSocket and OkHttp
The best features of Kotlin that I appreciate most as a Java developer
Kotlin – IDE Oriented Programming
Memory leaks in reactive programming for Android
How to create a beautiful app with multiple RecyclerViews
Android garbage collection in a nutshell
Exploring Android 13: Downscaling
Stream Draw: multiplayer drawing
Loop Habit Tracker: Habit Tracker
Swipe: swipes for Compose


• I criticize Apple’s bug bounty program and clearly show why you shouldn’t report bugs there
How I made my startup as a solo developer
• How we came up with our Gantt chart
Mobile application security. How to save your data?
• Caterpillar on Unity in 5 minutes
How to do more with the Microsoft Productivity Equation
Pyramid Code Review
• Perception of color in the interface: why we see it differently
• Sliver in Flutter, or how scrolling works
How to handle project growth when you’re the only developer
• Updating data in lists Flutter application
• Economic model for MMO
• 8 stereotypes that testers face
• Game development on Unity from scratch to release. Part 4
The new law on digital markets will force instant messengers to work with each other
Podlodka #260: Cryptocurrencies
$14 million in Series A: Unleash is a feature management platform
$150M in Series D: RapidAPI – API discovery and management
CircleCI State of Software Delivery 2022 Report
Harness buys ChaosNative to implement chaos engineering
Three Questions Junior UX Designers Can’t Answer
The main principles of animation in UX design
Why do we round corners
Prototyping tools
Building a generic and performant network layer in Flutter
How to use Proxyman with Flutter
Programming Best Practices – React Native Edition 2022
Fastest local database in Dart/Flutter
How can a developer negotiate a better salary?
Qualcomm launches $100M Snapdragon Metaverse Fund
UI/UX Research: MyTelkomsel
45 tips to improve your programming skills
12 Best Flutter Development Tools
System design – monitoring system design
Does self-documenting code really exist?
Merge Queues: An Introduction for Mobile Engineers
Designer’s Guide to Documenting Accessibility and User Interactions

Analytics, marketing and monetization

How to get 300,000 app installs from TikTok using UGC content in ads: Joom and AdChampagne case
AppsFlyer Performance Index 14 released
Lasting launches Parent Guide
App Store and Google Play Revenue: The Motionleap Case Study
Using Lean Analytics to Improve Games
InMobi Launches Meson Mediation-as-a-Service Platform

AI, Devices, IoT

• A guide to the top 2021 trends in natural language processing and beyond
• KC868-Uair: flying over the cuckoo’s nest. Part 2. Connecting nRF24 and LoRa
• How we made the “grandmother’s repair” filter
• Which is better: Spark Structured Streaming or a full shutdown?
• Optimize if you can: how we calculate the demand for gifts using ML
A detailed guide to MLOps for engineers

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