Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer #434 (March 7 — 13)

In the new digest, multi-modularity, interfaces and protocols, best practices and tips, unpredictable intelligence, pseudocode and much more.

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• Life hacks on multimodularity in iOS
Alexander Pryanichnikov (Wallet): how to cook a design system for a live application
MVI in iOS application
• Interfaces/protocols for beginners
Create a scratch card for an iOS app
• Unit tests in Swift (unit testing)
Magic Trackpad, Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse in new colors
Apple has released the third version of the iPhone SE
Apple announced Mac Studio
Animations in UIStackView
SceneKit with SwiftUI
Better performance with Canvas in SwiftUI
Creating our own Service Manager in Swift without using Alamofire
SwiftUI ZStack vs. Overlay Modifier: Similarities and Differences
Optimization in Swift
Async/Await: network layer on Swift 5.5
Writing Testable SwiftUI Code
How to remove unused code in Swift
SkeletonView: Skeletons for iOS
SwiftDate: working with dates and times


Google Play suspends payments in Russia
• Remote access to IP cameras. Part 2. Mobile application
From scratch to Android development: the story of one June
Android SDK Development Best Practices
• Android Vitals – Why did my process start?
• Single Activity with Navigation Component. Or how I suffered with counts. Boilerplate part 1
Vulnerability in the Linux kernel threatens Android users
Stable Android 12L comes to Google Pixel
Manifest Merger. How android manifest is formed
How to upgrade to Jetpack Compose? Forget about XML. Complete guide
Open source compositional deadlock detector for Android Java
Kotlin Interview Cheat Sheet
Android UI Performance Testing
Android SDK development guidelines
Jetpack Compose Availability
Enjoy Jetpack Compose GraphicsLayer Modifier
Android project example: pure MVVM architecture with coroutines + tips
Two Goals, One Arrow: Reducing Our App Size and Launch Time on Android
Creating an authentication form with Jetpack Compose
How to Encrypt Sensitive Android App Data with Jetpack Security
AvatarView for Android: Taking Profile Pictures to the Next Level
Development of Kotlin Multiplatform applications using the VIPER architecture
SharedFlow and StateFlow
The Complete Guide to Rich Text in Jetpack Compose
Jetpack Compose Tutorials: Jetpack Compose Examples
Warden: Working with Android Permissions Easily
RasmView: drawing on pictures


50 Tips for an Indie Developer
• Designing unpredictable intelligence in games. Part 2 – the intelligence of the crowd
• Knee-deep in the JVM heap, or on the threshold of data loss
Code Insights from Sourcegraph allows you to better understand your codebase
Researchers release PolyCoder, an open source AI code generation platform
Who is responsible for quality now: Quality Architect Elevator
• Improved performance in Unity. How I raised my FPS from 15 to 60
• Game development on Unity from scratch to release. Part 2 + Part 1
• Pseudo code for testing
Podlodka #258: distributed computing
How to learn data structures and algorithms
Data flow in game development (or how to avoid spaghetti code)
How Smart Developers Make Wrong Strategic Decisions
Full text search in Firestore with Meili
How to fix macOS Target Mismatch in Flutter
Bad UX Design – 13 Worst Examples to Avoid in Your SaaS
Open source in Microsoft Mobile
12 Best Flutter Development Tools
How to create an inexpensive serverless database
Introduction to Flutter Clean Architecture
Is less innovation in product design better?
How to Build and Deploy React Native Apps with Fastlane

Analytics, marketing and monetization

• Business intelligence and mobile applications: why customers do not see the value in analytics and how to convey it to them
Apple Search Ads stops working in Russia
Mobile Growth Guide 2022

AI, Devices, IoT

• Smart home based on the Telegram API
• LoRa range check
ML in a product: why, how much does it cost, when is it needed?

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