Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer #433 (February 21 — 27)

Our new digest for the past week discussing iOS vulnerabilities, Android shadows, and more.

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• How the graphic format of the last century led to the zero-click exploit in iOS
20 years of Xcode year after year
• Controller, but not Massive: implement a list of cards for iOS 13+ and 11+, taking into account clean code practices
• How to start XCRemoteCache, or Caches from an ax
There is a topic: embedding color themes in an iOS app
• Speeding up iOS UI tests. Part 2: Test Parallelization
Apple is preparing new MacBooks and iMacs
Native network monitoring in Swift
How Developers Go Wrong with MVVM in SwiftUI: From View Model to State
How to create Generic Static iOS Libraries with XCFramework
A Look at Interviews with iOS Developers
Writing testable code with SwiftUI
3 surprises when using Markdown in SwiftUI
The best tutorial to start learning iOS development
SwiftUI – complex navigation made easy with UIPilot
iOS Collection View Implementation with Efficient Rendering Engine
UIOnboarding: onboarding screens


• Do not be afraid of shadows
Google Offers Runtime SDK Design for “Android Privacy Sandbox”
• Termux Access Code
Top 11 Android Job Interview Questions for Employers
The Privacy Sandbox is Coming to Android: What Developers and Advertisers Need to Know
• Material You: laying out an update to the Material design system
• Android Studio. Kotlin. Custom bottom menu navigator. Keep state navigator
Compose for Widgets & Wearables
• How to become a trendy Android developer in 2022
• My contrived solution “How to create a RecyclerView Adapter”
MVVM unit testing in Android
Bytecode Transforms: Android Gradle Plugin
How to write Kotlin code more readable and cleaner: best practices
Android 13 and text rendering algorithms
Setting up Android CI with GitHub Actions
Manual installation of split APK files (App Bundles) via ADB
App Bar Animation (Like Facebook) using NestedScrollConnection from Jetpack Compose
Introduction to Kotlin Flow
Navigating in Jetpack Compose Using ViewModel State
SegmentedProgressBar: segmented progress
Intro Showcase View: Highlight application features
Flippable: flip card


• How to create indie hits and get around the rake. Interview with the authors of the book “I want to join gamedev!”
What popular courses hide: how useful is online education
• We create a unified infrastructure for the parallel development of mobile games
How we built mobile CI/CD in Github Action from scratch
• Cognitive science in game design: how to make a cool game with the help of science
$100 million: Hasura – GraphQL API for databases
• How to write “Fifteen” on Flutter
• Unity Http Server or how to turn a user’s phone into a gamepad
• “Apps for falling asleep” and acoustic brain stimulators: why they do not work and how to make them work
Podlodka #256: platform products
Checks by Area 120 checks app privacy
Linux developers are the fastest to fix software bugs
UI Design Trends Guide for 2022
“99% of teams have old code and out-of-the-box solutions, no budgets and DevOps, and we listen to influencers from Facebook”
How to calculate the ideal click area (touch target) for any device
Performance Testing in CI/CD
5 Tips for Designing a Mobile App
One year of consecutive leetcod-ing every day
Top 9 UX Trends to watch out for in 2022
What I learned in a year building SaaS
Why Flutter is the most popular cross-platform SDK
How Discord supports up to 5 million concurrent users
The Complete Guide to Customer Lifecycle Management
11 things to remember in your next Flutter project
5 Awesome Laws of UX Design
OpenHaystack: a platform for creating your own AirTags

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Top 100 subscription apps spending up 41% to $18.3 billion
Case Dodo Pizza: how to reduce CPO by 51% and increase CR by 15%
Top Earning Apps of January in the US
• An overview of the most useful applications for blind people
Meta will create a universal translator

AI, Devices, IoT

• Kincony KC868-A8: older brother from Hangzhou. Part 2 + Part 1
The Best Open Source Projects to Learn Data Science

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