Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer #432 (February 14 — 20)

In this digest, we improve the structure of tests and prevent layers from animating, discuss Google Play policies and the virtualization system in Android, make a dream game, better release notes and much more!

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• From the hourglass to the pyramid: how to improve the structure of tests
• How UIView prevented layers from being animated
• Modularization of the domain layer in UDF. Part II
• Dive into Combine: sequential and combining operators to improve the process of developing iOS applications
Zoom Gesture in SwiftUI
Gradient borders in UIKit
Handling Errors with Combine and SwiftUI
Making it easy to translate iOS crash logs across multiple builds
Profiling Binary Size on iOS with Bloaty
Quick Actions on Home Screen for iOS
Always the right gradient for text in UIKit
The Complete Guide to Concurrency and Multithreading in iOS
Mobile network layer in iOS
How ranges work in Swift
Swift: Tracking Memory Leaks in Tests
Simple Coordinator Template for iOS App
Why do we even need to inherit from NSObject?
Machine learning applications with Swift in the backend and Python ML models
Avoid the Apple App Store
SwifterSwift: 500+ Swift Extensions
Swift Algorithms: Sequence and Collection Algorithms
Hero: View Controller Transitions
Tuist: project management in Xcode


• Google Play deleted our accounts without warning and deprived the family of earnings
Spotify has opened its Ruler tool to analyze app sizes
Android 13 introduces a virtualization system
• Android 13 Preview: features, new features, and how to install
3 Android development technologies that will be phased out in 2022
Google Introduces Privacy Sandbox to Protect User Data on Android
• Adaptation of the Android application for the blind
• How to use Branch by Abstraction in a project using Android development as an example
• JNI Part 3: Java/JNI/NDK Performance
Google Play started showing the installation process of a new application on the home screen
• Convert localized iOS files for Android project
Microsoft rolls out Amazon Appstore access on Windows 11
Google releases Chrome OS Flex for PC and Mac
Learning Photo Picker in Android 13
Neomorphism in Android Studio
Android Version Catalog integration
Deep Dive into the Android Build Process
DataStore and dependency injection
Automating Android App Screenshots with Jetpack Compose
Why using Navigation Compose in a Jetpack Compose app is a bad idea
Introducing Ruler: Our Android App Size Measurement Tool
Automate the code review process in Android
Tips for Avoiding Memory Leaks
DataStore and Synchronous Operation
Deep dive in Android 13: all the changes
The introduction of themed icons in Android 13
Swipe to Refresh in Jetpack Compose
Useful Android Studio plugins
Kotlin Flow: An easy way to work with local and remote data
Clean Architecture in Android (Jetpack Compose, Kotlin, MVVM)
Andromeda: design system for Jetpack Compose


• The dream game I’m making with my wife (Part 1)
• Fonts in games: (almost) perfect serifs, kernings and hieroglyphs
How to write release notes
• Transplanting a highly loaded game project from Photon to custom solutions
View Flutter sources
6 Algorithms Every Developer Should Know
How to make your application from 0 to 0.99, breaking all product development frameworks, and reach crowdfunding
• Unity: 8 reasons to abandon Coroutine in favor of Async
In Russia will make a state center for checking the security of mobile applications
Google paid security researchers $8.7 million in 2021
• Creation of an internal mobile application “In touch”: from an idea to a visual solution
• MIR CIT Mobile: advanced testing technologies in the payment system “Mir
• My first game – Picross.io
$7M in Series A: Appboxo – Mini App Platform
App Design Inspiration #72
The majority of Russians are dissatisfied with the salary and want to go to IT
The highest paid jobs of the end of winter in app development: a selection of hh.ru
Guide to Becoming a Senior Product Designer
Lessons from my 10 years with an open source project
How to become a 10x developer
Creating a Great First Impression in Product Design
Why Flutter is too big to fail
An introduction to smart travel with User Intent Graphs
Deep Dive into the New React Native Architecture
How to personalize your customer experience and where to start?

Analytics, marketing and monetization

• Why short and video is an old new trend. And how does the IT market respond to it?
Dmitry Antoshkin. The process of working with ideas in World of Tanks Blitz
FitOn: fitness with the stars
SocialPeta Mobile App Marketing Guide 2022: Market Analysis and Forecasting
App Annie becomes Data.ai
Food delivery, video streaming and recipes: three mobile app trends for Valentine’s Day by Adjust
Apocalypse inside out. 7 non-standard zombie games
Dating App Usage Grows Nearly 20%
Product, Growth, Efficiency and Added Value Metrics

AI, Devices, IoT

• Problems of modern machine learning
• Kincony KC868-A4: ultimate guide. Part 3: Controlling the controller via Telegram bot
• How does machine learning work in fintech on the example of MCD
Podlodka #255: bionic prosthetics
$33 million: Classiq – a platform for developing quantum applications

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