Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer #430 (January 31 – February 6)

In our new digest, the adventures of Belarusian developers in the App Store, one iOS tech radar and several Android development trends in 2022, a dream game, automatic message moderation and much more!

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Apple banned and unbanned Belarusian developers
What We Learned Using KMM for iOS
Apple allows distribution of applications through a direct link
• 4.5 years in the life of the iOS team in five stories and one technical radar
• The evolution of UI tests in an iOS application
iOS 15.4 introduces web notifications and WebXR API
• Memory in Swift (heap, stack, ARC)
• Swift TableManager
• GraphQL in mobile development. Writing a client for iOS
• iOS Community Meetup: meeting videos and materials
How to send images in notification payload – Firebase
Exploring Xcode Build Time with Custom SF Symbols
5 Simple Things I Do to Become an iOS Engineer
Accelerate iOS App Deployment with the Feature Flag Library
How to create a Wordle game with SwiftUI
Reduce iOS App Launch Time
Animating floating hearts in SwiftUI
iOS Developer’s Guide to Code Review
Xcode keyboard shortcuts for keyboard only
How to Use Feature Flag in an iOS App [с примерами кода]
Essential iOS Basics Interview Questions and Answers
You can’t teach an old dog SwiftUI and Xcode
Apollo integration on iOS
How File Order Reduces Application Launch Time
ReadabilityKit: page preview
Siren: notification about the release of a new version of the application


Android Broadcast: Android Development Trends 2022
Autorefactoring and View Binding
• ExoPlayer for IPTV applications. Quick start playback
• Visual protection of Android application content
Reactive programming or coroutines: between a rock and a hard place?
Accelerate drawing Mandelbrot on Android in Jetpack Compose
Dynamic change of backend environment at runtime
Wireless ADB Debugging with Android Studio Bumblebee
Every Composable deserves a ViewModel
Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile and how to make a generic ViewModel: architecture proposal
almost) real examples in Java ( SOLID principles with
Kotlin Multiplatform Library Continuous Delivery
Tracking Main Thread Messages
Converting iOS Localization Files to Android
The Complete Guide to LiveData and Flow: Why, Where, When, and What Exactly
I got into Android development at the age of 40
High performance with idiomatic Kotlin
Application with one Activity on Jetpack Compose
All about Proto DataStore
Accompanist: Required for Jetpack Compose
SpotiFlyer: Music Downloader for KMM
Lucilla: full text search in Kotlin


• A dream game that I make with my wife
• Soviet Project – Horror game about the recent past
• Unity “Best” Practices
• Flutter vs Native: why we are moving from the first to the second
• How is the interview of mobile developers in Tinkoff
GitHub gives “Sponsors” private repositories
• Not quite obvious trends in the development of the application market, how should a mobile developer prepare for them?
• QA trends in 2022
• What it’s like to be a tester: 4 stories of pain and joy
Podlodka #253: Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Flutter 2.10 released with Windows support
Flutter Dev Podcast #33: Roadmap 2022
App Design Inspiration #70
Lessons and statistics after six years as an indie developer
How to Decide When to Stop Designing and Start Programming
How to deal with technical debt at super app scale
Backend driven UI in Flo Health
State of App Development 2021
Why You Should Use a Developer Font
MVC+S design pattern in Flutter
5 Reasons Most Advanced Developer Courses Don’t Work
Change the way you learn and grow as a programmer
7 Cool VS Code Extensions Released in January 2022

Analytics, marketing and monetization

predictable success. Why mobile games need soft-launch marketing and how to capitalize on it
IronSource launches App Analytics
US Senate committee approves Open App Markets Act
$30 million: Flip is an application for “field” employees
$71 million in Series C: Jellyfish – development in a business context
Quan: employee burnout
The New York Times buys Wordle
Mascot in the application: who is it and why is it needed

AI, Devices, IoT

• Kincony KC868-A4: ultimate guide. Part 2: Component Programming
AlphaCode AI from DeepMind solves problems like an average programmer
Microsoft canceled HoloLens 3 and doesn’t know what to do with AR
• 35 real risks that kill data- and machine learning projects
• Automatic multilingual message moderation for millions of users
• A selection of bugs in IoT: now our whole life can be a mistake
How to become a data scientist without spending a single ruble
Pinterest adds augmented reality furniture fitting
20 Week Data Science Fundamentals Self-Guided Guide

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