Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer #429 (January 24 — 30)

In the new digest, app translation difficulties and impact analysis, Force Update and Android development trends, game fonts and game composer history, loading screens, app usage, GitHub Actions and much more!

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• 15 countries, 9 languages: difficulties in translating one iOS application
• Why am I against enum
• Eight questions from iOS developers at hh.ru
We increase the FPS of applications
• Development of collection abilities in Swift (on the example of the suffix function)
An Overview of iOS Navigation Solutions
iBeer Author Shares How He Made Up to $20K in the Early Days of the App Store
Updated App Store Connect API
Developers complain about iCloud unavailability
Apple releases iOS 15 adoption data
• Render optimization in iOS: frame buffer, Render Server, FPS, CPU vs GPU
• Element IDs in XCUITest
• “Hot” and “cold” Feature toggles: how they work
iPhone will be able to accept payments for business
Programming Auto Layout by Example
Coloring Xcode logs for better understanding
Reduce assembly time by 50%
Themes, Elements and Structure in SwiftUI
Best practices for unit tests in Xcode and Swift
Support for async/await as module owner
Eliminate “massive AppDelegate” in iOS
Animations inside ScrollView with SwiftUI
Controlling Core Image Filter Processing with Concurrency in Swift
Building a flexible picker with SwiftUI
Reimagining Coordinators in iOS
4 little-known features of Swift
Auto-repeat asynchronous Swift tasks
RxSwift integration as XCFramework with CocoaPods
Skailer: player in neomorphism on SwiftUI
Swimat: formatting Swift code


• Impact analysis on the example of an Android project
android broadcast. Android Development Trends in 2022
• “Your app violates Google Play Policies”: reports from hell
Introduction to Jetpack DataStore
Android Studio Bumblebee (2021.1.1) released
• Android 12. Splash Screen API. Making an animated loading screen
• Android Studio. Kotlin. Dynamic loading of data in the RecyclerView list
Explanation of monads in Kotlin
Android Authentication with AppAuth Library
How to Create a Bottom Navigation Like Pinterest
Introduction to Jetpack DataStore
Using Hilt to the fullest is our success story!
Traditional MVVM with Jetpack Compose and StateFlow
How do I use Factory method pattern in android development
Android Developer Roadmap for 2022: Part 1
Animations in Jetpack Compose with examples
Repeat notifications daily at a specific time in Android
Your Deep Links May Be Broken: Web Intents and Android 12
How is Kotlin different?
Getting started with GraphQL for Android in small steps• Butterfly: adaptive and responsive UI for Android
Faradle: Wordle on Jetpack Compose
WindowState: The state of collapsible windows for Jetpack Compose


• Fonts in games: how to make 12 MB out of 191 MB
Fix performance degradation before it happens
From idea to game in 24 hours
How to Become a Game Composer: Finding Yourself, Networking, and Luck
• In-game emoji: how we create animations for Rush Royale
• Myths and legends about testing
• Features of barcode scanning in central Russia
How I got busted by my cloud spending
• Force Update – a mechanism for forced updating of mobile applications
• Set of rules for communication between developer and QA engineer
• Schematic display of cars on the route
• Psion PDA – what does it look like today?
How to start learning Android and iOS? Newbie Mistakes in Mobile Development
Podlodka #252: game theory
VK launches an internship program
Programmers and sysadmins are most often dedicated to their profession
GitHub Actions Tutorial
Andromeda could be Microsoft’s own OS for the Surface Duo
Backend support for products that serve millions of users worldwide
Flutter: running code in the background
How we launch new product teams
If you want to scale your application, learn how to use async
RedBus redesign: UI/UX case
Interview with a 20-year-old Senior Developer. Joke or new reality?

Analytics, marketing and monetization

The number of applications used has decreased
• How we increased the retention of the third day by 30% for North American players in World of Tanks Blitz
How did you use the apps during the New Year holidays?
Apple Search Ads started supporting product pages
Apple launches custom promo codes for subscriptions
The most earning applications of December in the USA
• How to continue growing after a hype using product analytics (download retention) — QuizUp case
• Defeat chaos in product analytics if you haven’t done it before. VSCO photo application case
Google Play will have a section “Offers”

AI, Devices, IoT

• Phantom operating system from a Russian developer: features and nuances
• Kincony KC868-A4: ultimate guide. Part 1. Overview and hardware
• Vector representation of Prod2Vec products: how we improved matching and got rid of a bunch of embeddings
$35M in Series B: Censys – Protecting IoT and the Cloud

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