Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 425 (December 20 – 26)

In our last digest this year, the use of languages ​​in iOS 15 applications, parking the radio according to Google guidelines and taming batching, Telegram sources, refusal of unit testing, and much more! Happy New Year!

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• I spit your UIViews
The Evolution of Programming Languages: Using Swift, SwiftUI, and Obj-C in iOS 15
• Smart home iOS developer. Part 2
• SwiftUI: How Chuk and Gek were looking for nil
• Responder Chain, or how to correctly transfer user actions between components
IOS architectures explained: Which one is the best for my project?
Loading images in iOS 15
Goodbye MFMailComposeViewController?
Xcode: 3 tips for quick programming
Understanding AsyncSequence in Swift 5.5
SF Symbols in SwiftUI
How to generate code coverage reports in Xcode
How to Create Your Own Animated Tab Bar for an iOS App
User authentication with Face ID / Touch ID in SwiftUI
SupportDocs: Beautiful iOS App Documentation
SVGView: SVG in SwiftUI


• Writing a free open source Gerber viewer for Android from scratch
• Parking the radio and Google guidelines: what we encountered when integrating the 2GIS navigator into Android Auto
• Scaling Jetpack Compose Navigation
ВЂ Very quickly understand Android Build Flavors
• Android Vitals – We disassemble a cold start
Chromebook Android App Usage Grows 50%
Material Design Awards 2021 Winners
Filtering and modifying entered text with Jetpack Compose
Android CI / CD pipeline with Github Actions
Android 12 – Splash Screen on Application Launch
Evaluating Airbnb Page Performance on Android
Simplify drag and drop
5 Expressive Java Operators I’m Missing in Kotlin
Implementing Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) in Meetup
Android Biometric API Guide
Android emulators and bluetooth headphones
Professional Debugging in Android Studio
Controlling Compose State Variable with and without ViewModel
What’s wrong with Gradle?
How to design an Android app in 2022
TLS certificate security in Android
Compose Ratingbar: rating form
AvatarView: Avatars for Android App
Geminio: AS plugin for FreeMarker templates

Development of

• “The right to be forgotten” or how easy it is to delete personal data at the user’s request
• Taming batching by optimizing UI masks
• How to train Juns QA in 3 days (collection of materials)
Why we abandoned class unit testing and switched to a behavioral approach
• Secrets of running Flutter in production. We create an IT shipyard
Measuring page performance on Airbnb on Android
• Cooperative on Unity for “Free”, or p2p connection via ISteamNetworkingMessages
• How Elementary works
• How I learned not to worry and love Flutter’s state management. MVI and Clean Code included
• Experience of developing the first game on Unity, part 4
App design examples for inspiration # 68
• Unique elements for autotests: where they live and how to find them
• Model development of mobile React Native applications and sites on React Native Web
What pains of an IT company are solved by the local developer community
We look at the sources of Telegram
Codecademy sold for $ 525 million
Benefits and pitfalls of React Native
Highest paying app development jobs in December
DartUP 2021 video
UI / UX design trends for 2022. Scrolltelling, data visualization, animation and 3D
How to make a Flutter app standalone with Couchbase Lite
Claymorphism in user interfaces
Little things I did to advance from Junior
Getting Shared Files in a Flutter Application
10 architecture patterns in enterprise software development
Overview 2021 in technology
Scalable folder structure for Flutter applications
5 tools to look out for in 2022
4 Reasons You Need Code Review
Guide to UI Design Trends 2022

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Mobile marketers. Results of the year. Part 3 + Part 2
Apps spent $ 78- $ 83 billion in 2021 on user acquisition
Performance app marketing in 2022
906 publishers earned their first million dollars in 2021
Alien: Isolation for iOS and Android
Left, but returned: the return of UA managers
More games in 2021? Google Play: + 9%, App Store: -13%
9 mobile app marketing trends of 2022

AI, Devices, IoT

• Choosing a tool for marking up text (and not only!)
• Recognition of license plates. How to speed up everything
• Upgrade, automatic exhaust fan 2, what’s inside. Why did Alice and mqtt do
I completed 12 Data Science courses in 3 months – this is what I would like to know before

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