Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 399 (June 21 – 27)

In the new digest, Android pupation and documentation testing, Kotlin Heroes competition and understanding the cost of AWS, a do-it-yourself oscilloscope and new open maps, actors, profilers, battles and much more!

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Observer pattern in Swift
Create 3D Models from Photos with RealityKit and Swift

Apple explains in report why third-party app downloads are bad

Diving into Actors in Swift 5.5

iOS 15 – What’s New for Product Designers and Developers

Create a Telegram Bot in Swift with Vapor

Implementing MVVM with Swift in iOS

IOS app modularity with SPM

Composite list in SwiftUI

Building an application without code using SwiftUI

How iOS 15 makes your app launch faster

Localization of push notifications

Mamazu: helping stray animals


Android is pupating and the community indulges in it
Writing your own profiler to analyze application performance on Android
Android: 12 years of OS design history
Android Theming Basics
Writing a comic adventure in Kotlin
Porting UE4.23 games to Android
A safer way to collect data streams from Android UIs
Starting a career as an Android developer was a bad idea

Windows 11 will run native Android apps

Google forcibly installed a contact tracing app

compileSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion: what’s the difference?

Multimodular navigation in Android

Convert your old Android smartphone into a backup server

From Kotlin Synthetics to Android ViewBinding: The Complete Guide

The View Model does not have to depend on the ViewModel

Exploring the CircularFlow Helper

How does thread priority affect your Android app?

How to write human readable tests in Kotlin with Kotest and MockK

Compose StarWars: Stars on Jetpack Compose

Development of

How to lose 30% online in a day and make a battle royale in two months
Turning your old Android phone into a backup server using UrBackup / Linux Deploy. Part 1
Personalizing invites in the app using AppsFlyer
Personal level-up: how work helps you level up and (possibly) improve the world
How loyal users help test your favorite service. Beta test IVI – the edge of the impossible
Developing a large project in 6 months: how not to screw it up
The user story is perfect, but there are 100,500 bugs? How we test documentation
#unitytips: A selection of tips and tricks from the Unity community to show off to your friends
Dependency Injection with GetIt in Flutter
Regression Testing on Scrum Projects: A Guide to Performing
Mobile People Talks: How To Work Effectively In A Large Team

Podlodka # 221: recycling

Amazon Launches AWS BugBust Contest to Eliminate Bugs in Code

App design: examples for inspiration # 45

79% of developers never update third-party libraries

Stack Overflow Launched Community Collectives

10 tips for a successful code review

How to Improve Architectural Skills in Daily Programming Tasks

Better in Black: Reimagining the Most Important Buttons in Spotify

The 7th Kotlin Heroes Contest will be held on June 29

Guide to Modern Minimal UI Design Style

How databases work with 10 million devices

SportsYapp redesign: case study

11 productivity tools every programmer should know

Common code to download from the web for iOS and Android

E-milk – Milk Delivery Application: UI / UX Example

Six React Native Apps to Watch in 2021

Software development is a creative process, an original masterpiece, not a coloring by numbers

Flutter late for the party?

Why most software developers don’t develop

Analog Clock: Clock on Flutter

Organic Maps: offline maps for Android and iOS

Analytics, marketing and monetization

LOVEMOBILE # 13: Publishing Non-Game Apps With Wowmaking

New navigator plots a route in the shade

Vantage Receives $ 4 Million To Understand AWS Cost

Mobile marketers: Arkady Kuznetsov (Gismart)

Rovio received the rights to create games with Moomin trolls

Podz: smart podcast search

How I scaled my app from 0 to 100,000 downloads without a single dollar spent

Top 100 Games in 2020 Received 64% of All US Player Spending

In-app: traffic and ad networks

How We Build Our Bumps With the Mental Wellness Mobile App

How to increase app conversion by 6.3% due to graphical ASO?

How to turn a diploma project into a service with 45,000 users around the world: the history of Asodesk

Product metrics that matter

A useful framework for releasing your indie games

Why personal analytics will shape the economy this decade

Key mobile app metrics in 2021

AI, Devices, IoT

Capabilities Brief – for Building an Oscilloscope
ruCLIP – multimodal model for the Russian language
ABBYY NeoML 2.0: Python and More
Understanding GPT-3 in 5 minutes

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