Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 398 (June 14 – 20)

In this collection, we’ll explore StoreKit 2, recognize faces and poses on Android, improve the performance of React apps, teach squirrel morphism, and more!

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Why the App Store can reject an app: checklist
Meet StoreKit 2
Tim Cook: Android has 47 times more malware than iOS

New Antitrust Act Could Force Apple to Sell App Store

What’s New in In-App Purchases in iOS 15 – WWDC 21

Building mazes with SwiftUI

iOS 15: Notable additions to UIKit

Info.plist is missing in Xcode 13 – here’s how to get it back

ScrollView in XCode 11

Creating SwiftUI Games Using SpriteKit

Crafting lists in SwiftUI

How to best structure your projects in Xcode

Deep dive into Actors in Swift 5.5

Developing iOS app functions as modules in Xcode

How to make video calls with SwiftUI

Euler: Swift Computing Framework

WorldMotion: device position relative to Earth


How do I use Android Data Binding in custom views?
Jetpack’s AppSearch is out in alpha

Face and pose recognition in 40 minutes

Android Broadcast: news # 10

Build your KMM library

The story of my first a-ha-moment with Jetpack Compose

How to become an Associate Android Developer (Kotlin Edition)

Jetpack Compose animations in real time

RecyclerView with NestedScrollView: Best Practices

Android – Bitbucket – Pipeline – CI / CD with Firebase App Distribution

CompileSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion – what’s the difference?

Android bottom navigation bar with Jetpack Compose

Integration of Google Sign-in into Android application

Focus in Jetpack Compose

DashedView: striped view

Screen Tracker: name of the visible Activity / Fragment

SquircleView: beautiful views

Development of

5,000,000 lines of code, 500 repositories: why we adapted the AliExpress app for Runet
10x improvement in React application performance
gRPC + Dart, Service + Client, we will write
Podlodka # 220: volunteering in IT

Good Developer Day: Good Day Project from GitHub

By 2024, 80% of technology products will be created by non-professionals

Squirclemorphism in interface design

12 tips to improve your registration and login process

React Native at Wix – Architecture (Deep Dive)

How do you know bad code? 8 things

5 best Flutter packages you should know

Tips for coding interviews on Google

How to Become a Bad Developer

Analytics, marketing and monetization

A guide to testing ads for mobile apps
Following Apple and Google, Amazon lowered app store commissions
make sense: About influencer marketing

UserLeap Receives Another $ 38 Million In User Experience Tracking

Classic MMORPG RuneScape Launches on iOS and Android

Mobile marketers: Alexander Plyonkin (Vprok.ru Crossroads)

Why are screenshots like this a waste of time? (until you have 4,000 downloads per month)

Amplitude received another $ 150 million

$ 100 Million for Free Fire: How Can a “Little Brother” Overtake an “Elder” in an Established Market?

App Annie: the market of mobile games in Russia in 2020 grew by 25% to $ 933 million

Dark patterns and gimmicks in mobile apps

Using BigQuery and Firebase Analytics to Engage, Engage, and Measure Users

AI, Devices, IoT

Launching DOOM on a light bulb
Rapid Covid-19 Detection on X-rays with Raspberry Pi
How do I teach Python on a Raspberry Pi 400 in a library

Top 5 GPT-3 Successors You Should Know About in 2021

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