Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 397 (June 7 – 13)

In this digest, we discuss WWDC and its aftermath, Android rapid updates and team responsibility, spreadsheet automation, CMMs, colors, controls, and more.

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Xcode Cloud, SharePlay, Focus – Most Important with Keynote WWDC21
Apple is killing TeamCity, Bitrise, Appcenter, Fastlane, Firebase, Sentry and others like them. A quick tour of Xcode Cloud
Making an OpenVPN client for iOS
iOS interview at Vivid
The best iPhone apps weigh nearly 4 times as much as they did five years ago

Mobile People Talks: WWDC21

Apple Releases Beta AirPods Firmware for Developers

iOS 4 recreated as an iPhone app

Making holes in Swift views

Apple Clarifies App Store Publishing Rules

Apple will let users stay on iOS 14

New iPadOS 15 features

Apple unveils new technologies and tools for app developers

watchOS 8: New Access Features, Connectivity, and Mindfulness Practices

Apple introduced iOS 15

IOS 15 Essentials for Designers

Platforms State of the Union Report from WWDC 2021

IOS Crash Reporting with LLDB

SwiftUI onboarding in a UIKit app

Better deep link routing in an iOS app

What we learned from the OOM incident on the Pinterest iOS app

Making infinite scrolling of photos in iOS

What’s new in SwiftUI since WWDC21

SwiftUI – Bidirectional SnapList

Using SwiftUI with a View Model written in Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

Writing the first iOS app with Realm, SwiftUI and Combine

What’s new in StoreKit 2

How we use SwiftUI in the Medium app

What’s new in SwiftUI 3.0?

How to make a dark mode icon for your application

iOS 15 Brings Attribute Strings to SwiftUI

Understanding AsyncImage in SwiftUI

Indicate: AirPods-style toasts

SimpleAnalytics: native analytics for iOS


Long road to fast Android updates
Migrating from LiveData to Kotlin’s Flow
Infinite auto-scrolling of lists with RecyclerView and LazyLists in Compose
Developers can apply for a fee reduction of up to 15% through the Play Store

Flutter Dev Podcast # 28: Google I / O 2021

Error handling coroutines

The problem of three frameworks in Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

Modern Android Architecture with MVI Design Pattern

The ABC of Android Modularity in 2021

Navigating Jetpack Compose

Multiple back stacks

Networking in Kotlin Ktor on Android

Auto-generating custom sizes for Android with Kotlin

Deep dive into internationalizing Android apps with Jetpack Compose

Databinding in Android

Pure Android architecture [точка зрения]

Building a CoroutineScope App with Hilt

Pagination in Android with Paging 3, Retrofit and Kotlin Flow

CompleteKotlin: autocompletion for all platforms

TimeRangePicker: round range picker for Android

Development of

Who, where, when: Component system to separate team areas of responsibility
Automation or Death: How to Manage Thousands of In-Game Content Using Google Sheets
Appwrite, an open-source backend platform
The role of QA Lead in a product company: features and areas of responsibility
Calling Go code from Dart using cgo and Dart FFI with a simple example
Building great apps with Xamarin.Forms
We need to go deeper: how Easter eggs in the Delivery Club app reduced the subjective waiting time for food
Testing and visualizing with Mind Map
Auto Pay, Auto Pay or Auto Recharge? UX case
How to become a tester from scratch
Podlodka # 219: choosing the first profession in IT

App Design: Winners of the 2021 Apple Design Awards

CMM in practice or the choice of a cross-platform framework for “Leroy Merlin”

HackerEarth Developer Research 2021

Disabled buttons should not confuse users

Sales of Data Science and Data Analytics Books in the Humble Bundle

6 powerful tools for Mac developers

How we improved segmented controls

A beginner’s guide to color in UI design

A step-by-step guide to working in Figma. Lesson on creating a mobile application

IBM’s Leadership-as-a-Service Principle drives professional growth for teams

Top 5 Distributed Systems Design Patterns

ELI5: Flipper – cross-platform debugger

How to improve your software architecture skills daily

Animated Coinbase TabBar in React Native

How to validate Junior code for a developer

Developers can’t fix bad management

Analytics, marketing and monetization

WWDC 2021: New and Useful for Developer, ASO Specialist, Mobile App Marketer
Why do users subscribe? How to increase the conversion of mobile apps
Classplus: Spotify for Education

AppsFlyer: the number of inorganic installs of financial applications in Russia increased by 570%

Winner’s strategy: how to conquer the whole world, starting with Yakutsk? InDriver and Rocket10 case

Case: how to push competitors out of search by optimizing inapps?

Practical tools and benefits of tracking mobile app deletions

Mobile app onboarding: how to keep users engaged

AI, Devices, IoT

How Yandex applied generative neural networks to find answers
Small and fast BERT for Russian
The Playdate pocket game console is on sale

FBI-controlled secure smartphone exposed hundreds of criminals

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