Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 396 (May 31 – June 6)

Today we digest architectural patterns and Swift Student Challenge winners, Fuchsia chain and color initialization, Google’s indie accelerator and indie festival, Android 12 for developers, $ 643 billion from the App Store and much more!

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Architectural Patterns in iOS: Greetings from Uncle Bob, or Clean Architecture
The thorny path of implementing the Swift Package Manager. Yandex report
Swift and CoreData. Or how to build Swift ORM based on Objective-C ORM
How to make an SMS confirmation screen on iOS
My developer apps made it to the top iOS and Mac App Store: how much did it bring?

WWDC21: Schoolchildren and Students from Russia – Winners of the Swift Student Challenge

Apple Design Awards 2021 Nominees Announced

Add Siri Support to iOS App in Minutes

How to Serialize and Deserialize Objects in iOS

How to improve Xcode compile and run time

Removing background with Core ML and SwiftUI

How to extract functionality from legacy iOS code

Passwordless chat app for iOS with Auth0

How to add Swift code as a custom LLDB command

Design to Code: Turning Design into Code

SPIndicator: Apple Style Indicator


Gradle 7 projects: how to not depend on dependencies
All About PendingIntents
Rx chain initialization
Proto DataStore + AndroidX Preferences on Kotlin
A Detailed Android 12 Developer Review

Introducing the Compose Snapshot System

Untrusted touch events

Understanding Android Unit Tests in 2021

Polestar Offers An Emulator For Developers Building Android Automotive Apps

QA engineers, functional and UI testing at Azimo

10 best libraries for Android developers in 2021

Saving Data on Android with Room Database and Data Store – A Beginner’s Guide

CheckboxQuestions: questions and checkboxes

Compose Space Invaders: a desktop game with Jetpack Compose

Carousel Recyclerview: a beautiful carousel

Development of

How an artist can find a dream job in game development. As well as tips for portfolio design
4 technical solutions that make API service successful
C # vs Kotlin
How and why Mail.ru Group redesigned the mobile version of the portal’s main page
Mobile People Talks: What Color Is Fuchsia?

Podlodka # 218: circuitry

HarmonyOS has earned on smartphones

Loom’s new SDK adds video messaging to any web application

Facebook opens the Messenger API on Instagram for everyone

Interview tasks: salary

App design examples for inspiration # 44

Stack Overflow sold for $ 1.8 billion

What’s wrong with Flutter?

Product Plan 2021 Product Manager Survey

How to stay physically and mentally fit while continuing to program

About creating a flexible user interface using Instagram Threads as an example

Introducing Google’s new Material You design language

Free icon sets for developers and designers

How to get your first 100 SaaS customers: 5 easy steps

The next trillion-dollar startup will be an education company

5 tasks to automate with Python

I couldn’t spend money quickly and it nearly killed my startup.

Flutter 2.2: creating the first Universal Windows Program (UWP)

My code smells bad, but it’s ok

How to Create Your First Firebase Cloud Function

5 things I learned after two years as a software engineer at Microsoft

Test-driven Development for creating user interfaces

My Twitter interview experience

Flutter: building beautiful Windows apps – user-friendly design structure and navigation

The universe of no-code / low-code startups and its players

Design example: Safe Space – Android wellness app

Apple Interview Questions Database

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Android also restricts the ad ID.

make sense: About launching an agrotech startup

Voodoo Opens Summer Hyper-casual Games Competition

Google Launches Indie Games Accelerator and Indie Games Festival

App Store sales grow 24% in 2020 to $ 643 billion

PUBG Mobile Cheat Creators Earn $ 77 Million

3 best gamification techniques

Greg: the app for plant lovers

Marketplace for Malt developers received € 80 million

Social network Poparazzi has become # 1 on the App Store: the secrets of growth

Designing Habit-Forming Products

Errors in calculating unit economics

9 ways to build virality into your product

How to create great screenshots for your app page in the App Store

AI, Devices, IoT

Study, study and study again?
Game theory as a mechanism for analyzing large-scale data

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