Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 395 (May 24 – 30)

This digest features a move to Swift and 36 seconds of availability, in-app purchase validation and cross-system testing, a cute changelog, netcode issues, Coinbase’s move to React Native, and more!

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How Lenya moved from React to Swift
IOS Availability Started With “36 Seconds”
Most Popular SDKs Since iOS 14.5 Release

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off June 7 and runs online

Evan Spiegel Supports App Store Tax And Apple Protections

How to control keyboard behavior in iOS apps

MVP architecture for iOS

How to develop iOS apps without a Mac

How to use SnapKit in your iOS apps

How to use Firebase Remote Config with Swift 5

3 ways to style SwiftUI views

HMS ML Kit: Real Time Translation (iOS – Swift)

ScrollingContentViewController: Easily Create Scrollable View

NotificationToast: Toasts for iOS

CalendarKit: Calendar for iOS, iPadOS and macOS


Integration and server-side validation of inapps for the Google Play store – how to protect yourself from cheaters
Updating to the new version of the Android API as instructed by Google
We create an Android application quickly and easily
Why is Kotlin better than Java?
Features of testing Android without Google services
Getting the result right (Part 2). Fragment Result API
How to improve your Android skills as a beginner: 5 open source projects to learn

Useful Kotlin Extensions for Android

Hilt is stable. Easier Dependency Injection on Android

Upgrading our Kotlin data class with extensions

A Historical Introduction to the Compose Reactive State Model

Brand New Condition in Jetpack Compose

Improving the Conversion of Java Code to Kotlin: An Example

Structured concurrency in action

Get Started Here: 5 Exercises to Prepare Your Application for Large Screens

Getting Started with WorkManager

Simple Instrument Tests (UI Tests) for Android in 2021

Introduction to Security By Design

KodeEditor: Code Editor for Android

SuperForwardView: Netflix-style rewind

Development of

Why we decided to create a cross-system testing department
Lag, Jitter, and Packet Loss: Where Netcode Problems Come From and How to Solve Them
7 QA sins that will help or hinder a tester (to become who you want)
Why Apple (and Google) is banned
How to write a cute changelog: the Avito experience
You can’t do without a team lead, but what about a tech lead?
How to keep a tester’s nerves or speed up regression from 8 to 2 hours
How I wanted to work as a native Android developer, but got a job as a Flutter developer
Dart: Fast Immutable Collections
6 ways to reduce the cognitive load from the interface
Podlodka # 217: facilitation

Flutter Dev Podcast # 27: How UI Rendering Works

How Coinbase Migrated to React Native

Stack Overflow Launches New Annual Developer Survey

Fuchsia received its first device

My SaaS Achieved MRR $ 12.5K In One Month: Here’s What I Learned

Where do programmers go?

Google for Games Developer Summit 2021 Online Conference To Be Held In July

The design problem is the designers themselves

Users don’t care about design: how “good UX” actually works

Want to be the best UX designer? Create emotional designs

Best programming languages ​​to learn in 2021

10 Things Experienced Developers Know Well

Why software companies often reject good programmers

Don’t give a damn about availability

The most in-demand programming languages ​​in 2021

Avoid CI / CD Blocking – Make Your Builds More Portable

Flutter: CRUD using Firebase Cloud Firestore

One Habit to Become a Better Developer

What’s new in Flutter 2.2

Google Developer Library

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Dataset about mobile applications
Advertising of mobile games in the first half of 2021: world statistics

RevenueCat closes Serie B at $ 300 million

Lightrun debugging platform raised $ 23 million

Noom Weight Loss Platform Raises $ 540 Million

Mobile App Trends 2021: Adjust Report

Dating apps will suggest improvements to those who have been vaccinated

Google launches ad campaigns for desktop apps

Netflix is ​​considering entering the gaming market

“Technologies alone are not enough”: what annoys the advertising market at Apple and how it makes money on the closed system

AI, Devices, IoT

ML: “inhuman” technologies for human prices
TinyML. Compressing the neural network
SberCloud + Intel oneAPI = Preferential Cloud for ML Developers
IBM develops Project CodeNet dataset for teaching AI programming

How to make an AR / VR business

Mail.ru Group has opened a new set for free training at the MADE Big Data Academy

Microsoft used GPT-3 to generate natural language code

Best Buy launches smartphone sales for seniors

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