Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 394 (May 17 – 23)

This week we have new Google I / O, iOS availability, cans and pants, autotests and sane A / B tests, attribution methods, free Civilization, and more.

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Property wrappers in Swift with code examples
Craig Federighi calls Mac security “unacceptable”

IOS App Development Using SwiftUI Tutorial

IOS Accessibility Book

How to create an app using SwiftUI and CoreData

Swift – a tool for automatic code styling in 2021

Tips for iOS Developers in 2021

App Thinning: sync localized strings in Outlook for iOS

13 useful methods for working with arrays in Swift

Vertical paging in SwiftUI

SwiftUI + Core ML + ARKit – Build an Object Definition App for iOS

Building a command line utility with Swift Argument Parser

My Apps Top Developer Tools (iOS & Mac App Stores): I Made $ 60

Notion + iOS database

Walkthrough Apple’s SwiftUI Scrumdinger Tutorial

Hacking iOS Interviews

Top Trends in iOS App Development in 2021

MediumCup UI: order book on SwiftUI

LocalConsole: Console in Application


Banks ultimately climb into our trousers personal life
Why is Kotlin worse than Java?
Painting with Light: Long Exposure on Android
Google I / O 2021: What’s New for Android Developers (Full Review)
What we missed so much: Render Effect in Android 12
Google I / O: what’s new presented to Android developers
Android Runtime vs NDK performance
An example of a modular android application using the Navigation component and Koin (DI)
Developer Keynote with Google I / O 21

I / O 21: Firebase update

I / O 21: Android 12 Beta 1

I / O 21: 3 Billion Android Devices

I / O 21: Conversational AI LaMDA

I / O 21: Flutter 2.2

I / O 21: Wear OS 3.0

I / O 21: Material You – the new design language

Static Analysis Tools for Android

Jetpack Compose: Styles and Themes

Understanding the MVVM Pattern for Android in 2021

Infinite auto-scrolling lists with RecyclerView and LazyLists in Compose

Developing HelloAR in Android Studio with ARCore and Sceneform

Migrating from LiveData to Kotlin Flow

Modern splash screen in Android

How we improved the code review process on the Android engineering team

Kotlin SharedFlow or How I Stopped Using RxJava and Love Flow

Dagger 2 and Jetpack Compose Integration

View Binding Best Practices

Exploring New Tactile Features in Android 12

Movies: Movies based on MVVM

Development of

Three Patterns to Improve Autotest Performance
Remastered game content, or how to create 800 pieces of content in seven months
Flutter: flip animation
Wild Horizon or how the game maker’s dream is realized in practice
Everything You Wanted to Know About Conversational UX / UI in Chatbot Design
Mobile People Talks: Legacy

Podlodka # 216: typography

Research: Who Finds a Job After Learning Online

App design examples for inspiration # 43

Google launches courses for technical writers

Interview tasks: exchange

No-code app development platform Adalo raised $ 8 million

Books about Python programming in the Humble Book Bundle

It Works – Don’t Touch: How Snapchat Rewrote its Android App

10 UX Design Lessons I’d Like To Learn Before

3 ways to radically improve your programming skills on your own

10 awesome Google fonts to use in 2021

Coinbase successfully switched to React Native

The 5 most difficult programming questions from FAANG interviews

What’s wrong with Flutter

5 Best AWS Services to Launch Any Project

How to develop superhuman concentration while writing code

Unciv: open “Civilization”

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Time is money: analyze A / B tests intelligently
What mistakes an analyst makes in the first six months of work and how to avoid them
I want to know everything about the client! Or how to enrich dry DWH facts with digital paths and client properties from Amplitude
Game economy: free-to-play games
Somewhere Good: anti-social network

According to Post-IDFA Alliance, UA Android Spending Increases 21% Following iOS 14.5 Implementation

Analyzing iOS 14.5: Attribution Methods

How to create effective video ads for apps

Rapid growth of non-gaming apps with Wow-booster

TikTok native mobile app ads

All apps do this: they steal from each other. How does this affect mobile and ASO?

Economy calculator for mobile subscriptions

AI, Devices, IoT

The guys broke into an ice cream machine – and started a cold war with its manufacturer
Interview with an ACS project manager: digitalization, internet of things and smart cities
Snap introduced AR glasses Spectacles

Date Scientists will die out in 10 years

Sber launches Kidsar suite for AR apps on SberPortal

How to Make an Air Quality Monitor with a Raspberry Pi Zero W

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