Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 393 (May 10 – 16)

In this digest, the process of downloading the iPhone and organizing streaming on it, the App Store’s struggle with developers scammers, Jetpack Compose concepts and Android Automotive OS review, ethical anti-design, ATT consent issues and more.

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IPhone boot process. Part 1: Boot ROM
Video streaming on iOS via RTMP
Phantom types in Swift
Step-by-step tutorial: how to get started doing anything for the Touch Bar
Core Data + Repository pattern. Implementation details
Plotting in SwiftUI
Apple Highlights Efforts to Combat App Store Fraud

The App Store has over 500 moderators and they check over 100,000 apps per week

Actors in Swift: A Practical Example

IOS String Localization and Versioning with Firebase

Replacing selectors with closures in UIButton

Building your own Markdown parser from scratch in Swift

Spotlight search for your apps

The importance of new technologies in iOS development

How to use Firebase in the new SwiftUI app lifecycle

BodyProgress: Exercise with SwiftUI

TOCropViewController: a handy crop for images


How to Use Huawei Cloud Device Farm for Testing and Debugging in Android Studio
How we created a cloud service to manage and control bypass routes in enterprises
Jetpack Compose Concepts Every Developer Should Know

Jetpack Paging 3: pagination on Android

Scaling architecture in Lyft with Denis Neklyudov

Discussing Kotlin 1.5 and what’s coming in Kotlin 1.6

Released a preview version of Jetpack Compose for the web

Android Automotive OS Review

Adapting your app for Android 11

Our experience of migrating to coroutines with RxJava

Bottom Navigation and Navigation Drawer with Scaffold from Jetpack Compose

Google Recommended Architecture Guide for Android Apps

Background task inspector

Navigation: nested graphs and include tag

KMMT: Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Application Template

ModernStorage: Simple Data Handling

Development of

Ethical anti-design. Developing non-addictive products
Mobile apps are no longer a good idea for startups
Mobile hh.ru now in Belarus: how to live when the team is scattered
Development of the first Construct 3 game
An in-depth analysis of testing widgets in Flutter. Part II. Finder and WidgetTester Classes
Eye movement studies to improve health and accessibility
Podlodka # 215: test management

Azure Cloud Computing Humble Bundle Sale

Niantic Expands Access To Its Niantic Lightship AR Platform

Snapchat opens Creator Marketplace

YoYo Games Launches Game Guide for GameMaker Studio 2

Sendbird offers an API for group voice and video calls

App design examples for inspiration # 42

Why it is important to take an interdisciplinary approach to design

How to better manage business logic in Flutter apps

System Design of Dating Applications

Costly mistakes: why we had to ditch Firebase

10 Figma tricks I’d like to know about before

From zero to MVP in 3 months with Flutter

Number one lesson I learned from managing a small development team

11 tricks of the art of googling for a developer

How We Reached 1.4 Million Lines Per Second Write Speed

Analytics, marketing and monetization

7 tips on how to create and improve a Battle Pass in your game
Clothing marketplace Vinted received € 250 million in an estimate of 3.5 billion

GasBuddy: petrol nearby

AppsFlyer: ATT consent rate in Russia reaches 42%

Flurry: Only 5% of iOS Users Consented to Tracking

Seasonality of the project: do not be afraid of the summer recession

How We Reached 1 Million Downloads with Zero Budget

Kakao Acquires Radish Micro Reading Platform

IronSource Launches LiveGames Analytics Platform for Hyper-casual Games

AI, Devices, IoT

Using LoRa to integrate a cat into IoT
Monetizing Machine Learning: How To Turn Data Into Money
Linux Foundation Launches AgStack Foundation for Agriculture

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