Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 389 (April 5 – 11)

In the new release, we are making a tab-ba with a non-standard button and custom transitions, evolving declarative frameworks and preparing for I / O 2021, proving development and abandoning standard shadows. All this and much more in this digest!

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It’s time for some cool stories. Custom transitions in iOS. [2/2]

How to implement a tab bar with a custom button: CAShapeLayer and UIResponderChain
Working with Bluetooth in iOS

5 secrets iOS developers won’t tell you about

Understanding Parallel Development in iOS

SwiftUI: how to take screenshot of ScrollView content?

Creating a licensing system for paid apps on Swift

Smooth scrolling in iOS

Hive: the Hive game for iOS

IrregularGradient: animated gradients


Rust included in the list of the main languages ​​for development of the Android platform
Android 12 Developer Preview: preparing the app for new updates
The Evolution of Declarative UI Frameworks: From Dinosaurs to Jetpack Compose
Life without AppStore and Google Play: working with Huawei Mobile Services and AppGallery
MotionLayout + RecyclerView = nice animated lists
We disassemble ELM architecture within a mobile application
A simple version of a motley recycler view on the Visitor template
I / O Conference 2021 to be held in virtual format in May

Google Play Store updated design

Android Broadcast: GraphQL for Mobile Developers. Should you use REST?

Android Broadcast: news # 8

My experience with Flutter as an Android developer

Learning Jetpack Compose – Building a Simple Timer App

Creating a “repository” data layer with coroutines in Kotlin

Solve mobile production problems like Sherlock

GitHub Actions: Automate your Android build and release workflow

Remember {mutableStateOf ()} – cheat sheet

Noisy code with Kotlin Scopes

10 great ideas to improve your Gradle build times

Switch Snake: switch snake

Holi: Jetpack Compose Colors

Uinspector: view hierarchy

Development of

Evidence-based development or how a data-driven approach added meaning to the work
How we changed the content creation pipeline in a PvP shooter and forgot about crunches
Why we ditched the standard Unity shadows for mobile shooters and wrote our own instead
“You have a call.” How to build a relationship between QA and tech support
How to write a plugin for Figma: problem, MVP, solution
The story of one video editor
How to reduce the cost of mobile development
How we made a mobile application for VkusVill couriers in 9 days
Unity 3D synthesizer
Again about UI UX design in 1C or how to speed up the development of mobile applications
Podlodka # 210: technical consulting

7 out of 10 programmers complain about overwork

Objective-C dropped from the top of the TIOBE rankings, and Fortran is back

Zoom has released Video SDK

Mail.ru Group launched a joint code editor

Google unveils AI-powered Lyra audio codec

4 mistakes I made as a programmer but had to become a CTO to see them

Why learning coding won’t save your job

App Design: Examples for Inspiration # 39

Autosuggest design guidelines

10 best UI whales in Figma for your project

30 Most Popular Apple Coding Interview Questions (With Solutions)

Why managers still want to write code

How we made our Airbnb team members mobile

How to Succeed in a Coding Interview in 2021

Best technical stack for mobile app development in 2021

The evolution of modern mobile application writing

8 must-have extensions for Flutter developers

Top 5 Skills for Senior Programmers

Marketing for Indie Developers: Market Research

Daily stand-up is a waste of time

The key framework I used to learn any new technical skills

5 best practices for creating effective buttons

Interaction design is about more than just user flows and clicks

Stop adding comments to your code

A useful framework for naming your classes, functions and variables

How to make money from programming

Creating a beautiful interface in Flutter

The architecture of a one-man technology startup

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Mobile advertising guide for those thinking about monetization
How the mobile application helped VkusVill become the leader in the number of online product orders
Development, analytics and attribution. What services are needed for a mobile app in 2021?
Mobile marketers: Nikolay Lipkin (Yandex.Mediaservices)

Epic and Apple prepare for trial

Mem gets $ 5.6 million in note-taking

Bunch: Leadership Assistant

Charles gets investment in “conversational commerce”

Most downloaded apps in March 2021

Supercell is making three more Clash games

Product Metrics Guide

AI, Devices, IoT

HMM: catching fraudulent transactions
Wi-Fi socket with Internet control in 60 minutes
How mobile developers charge devices: 10 new high-quality accessories from AliExpress

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