Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 388 (March 28 – April 4)

A new weekly collection of architectural patterns and a new WWDC21, map recognition and 13 tricks of the mobile application, user spending, icon testing and much more!

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Apple banned me forever
Architectural Patterns in iOS: Fear and Loathing in Diagrams. MV (X)
Compositional Layout: is the game worth the candle?

Why have we not updated the VKontakte iPad application for five years, but now we have updated
Connecting a chest heart rate sensor via Bluetooth to Swift
It’s time for some cool stories [1/2]

We are developing our first voice assistant on iOS
App Store rejects apps that use third-party SDKs that collect user data

WWDC21 will take place online from June 7-11

How to create widgets with WidgetKit

7 effective keywords to optimize your Swift code

Introducing Epoxy for iOS

Singleton vs. Dependency Injection in Swift

Removing background in Swift images with Core ML

2 iOS tools to detect dead and cloned code

How to bring the moon to your room using ARKit

Three types of security holes I see in many iOS apps

SwiftUI Animations: SwiftUI animations

ProgressHUD: animated icons


Evidence-based programming
CameraX + ML Kit for card number recognition in action
Google restricts which apps other installed apps can see

Jetpack Activity Result API. Part 2. How it works under the hood

Google Releases Stack Document Scanner

Android Broadcast: How to Get an Internship at Redmadrobot

Debugging build scripts and Gradle plugins [IntelliJ/Android Studio]

The Easiest Guide to Understanding Gradle!

Non-empty lists in Kotlin

A safer way to collect streams from Android UIs

System crash in Android WebView: how developers can avoid such error

Getting to know the behavior of your dependencies

Launching ARM applications in the Android emulator

Implementing a Snackbar for Canceling Actions in Jetpack Compose

Motion Layout: Create Simple Recycler View Animations

Ten #AndroidLifeHacks You Can Use Right Now

LabeledSeekSlider: customizable slider

Flux: Weather on Jetpack Compose

KanbanBoard: Kotlin Kanban Board

Development of

13 mobile app tricks you should know about before starting development
Meaningful interfaces
TestOps: writing autotests is not enough
What questions to expect for the position of an automator and where does the sorting come from?
Digest of Mail.ru Group mobile development releases during the pandemic
Storybook + Flutter = storybook_flutter
UI Automation Patterns and Methodologies: Real Life Examples
make sense: About career advancement to a leader, necessary skills, leadership and trust

Podlodka # 208: operating systems

GitHub has updated in-app notifications

App design examples for inspiration # 38

Google Improves PWA Installation

20 Must-Have Skills for Developers 2021

CoScreen creates a shared development environment

Experience 10,000+ screens: 10 tips from a leading product designer

How we developed an application for 300 thousand and almost lost 4 million rubles

Designing micro-interactions in Figma with interactive components

Is this the beginning of the end for PWA?

Seamlessly developing multi-platform apps with Flutter

4 simple tips to become a more valuable developer

6 main differences between Junior and Senior developer

How we accelerated our Continuous Integration system by 50%

How to plan for success when launching a new technical project

7 lessons from my journey from Junior developer to Senior in 2 years

10 Most Popular System Design Interview Questions

A RACE for Marketing Success

Tools for building mobile augmented reality (AR) apps

GitHub Actions Basics

4 mistakes I made as a programmer but had to become a CTO to see them

Software development is a losers game

How to implement purchase of subscriptions in a Flutter app

Delivering Better Software Faster: How We Saved Half a Million Dollars

What can we share in Kotlin MultiPlatform: modules? data? screens?

Build your Flutter app in 5 days

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Mobile marketers: Igor Postalenko (Tinkoff)

Average US iPhone user spent $ 138 on apps in 2020

User spending on apps and games set a new record in Q1 2021

Facebook Analytics is terminated

TechIntern: IT student exchange

A / B testing of icons: the DEVGAME experience

Russian gaming market grew by 35% in 2020

Lookout for Metrics from Amazon evaluates business with machine learning

• Do you trust Google statistics?
Yandex asked Samsung and other manufacturers not to install the company’s non-removable applications

AI, Devices, IoT

What is IoT and what you should know about it
Microsoft will supply 120,000 HoloLens to the army

Snapchat is preparing new AR-glasses Spectacles

IoT devices will be transferred to Russian software

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