Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 387 (March 22 – 28)

In our new PWA digest as an App Store alternative and lightweight DataBinding, Jetpack Compose Canvas and shaders in Android View, usability testing and fear and loathing of localization, heatmaps and the fastest billion Genshin Impact.

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iOS. UI. Techniques. Part 1
Apple says there is an alternative to the App Store – it’s PWA

Prevent personal information from being logged in Swift

We create an iOS application with an income of $ 1338 / month.

How to set up a LAN connection in SwiftUI

Creating a dropdown list in SwiftUI

9 resources to improve your iOS development skills

Async and Await in Swift 5.5

How to navigate to any View in iOS from anywhere?

Using the Lottie animation in watchOS

Create a custom Alert object in SwiftUI

Swift Tweener: Creative Animations

BurgerKing logo: animation with UIKit

Throttler: limiting user actions


Gradle Tips for Android Developers
Android + Redux = <3
How shaders can be used in Android View and how Android View can use shaders
Internationalization and localization of a Kotlin / Native application
Lightweight DataBinding for Android
Working with KTX Libraries
Android and component lifecycle binding
Almost half of Android apps use vulnerable components

Exploring Jetpack Compose Canvas and the Power of Drawing

Errors in WebView caused crashes in Android apps

Android Broadcast: Migrating from LiveData to Coroutines Flow

Android Reverse Engineering for Beginners – Dexcalibur

Building a chat application with Jetpack Compose

How to create an Android application to control the Arduino using Bluetooth

10 years of Android developer

Understanding Android Activity Launch Modes

Android Data Binding with MVVM: Using StateFlow and ViewModel

Do or do not, no tryEmit ()

Speed ​​up Android development with these awesome Kotlin extensions

Decorating the system bar in Android

All about PendingIntents

Detecting memory leaks in Android apps

Easy version control with Gradle 7

Nearby Shops: shops nearby

Gamedge: the modern Android gaming app

Development of

Remote usability testing. Conclusions and life hacks based on the results of a year of work
Did you know that 85% of smartphones are based on Linux?
How to write and publish the perfect package for Flutter
Fundamental Testing Theory
Fear and loathing of localization in large projects. Yandex report
Flutter: A flaky pie with interesting toppings. Graphic arts
Dart 2.12: Sound null safety and Dart FFI sent to stable channel
Speed ​​up Dart. Native, inexpensive
Podlodka # 208: distributed systems

Sourcegraph has automated large code changes

Helpshift integrates with Unity and Discord

Fuchsia is getting closer to release

Project manager in the development of mobile applications: what you need to know to start in the profession

Why does the design look good? A small study by the Nielsen Norman Group

Heatmaps: why they are needed in mobile applications and use cases

How to deal with white space in interface design

App design examples for inspiration # 37

Analyzing the UX problems of finding content in the Clubhouse

Not only UI but also UX. How we made the application for the purchase for future use beautiful and convenient

How I built a profitable software development consulting business

Building the first grocery roadmap

Implementing 4 principles of UX design

Skia engine takes cross-platform app development in Flutter to the next level

Why you should avoid creating your own application

Animated background in Flutter

How (and how not) to onboard new users to the application

Why is modern software so complex?

7 unconventional programming tips

4 tips to change your GitHub page to impress employers

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Unit economics is easy
Dark patterns in familiar applications
Genshin Impact has set the record for the speed of earning $ 1 billion

AppsFlyer releases 12th Performance Index

Holding the player, or the tenacious paws of the grindan

Niantic and Nintendo Make Pikmin AR Game

Teal: the challenge of choosing a work environment

Digital Turbine buys Fyber

Apple Bans Chinese Advertising CAID

How users find apps in the App Store 2021

How to promote a delivery application using the example of “Dodo Pizza”

How to do competitive analysis for effective application promotion?

AI, Devices, IoT

DVC – Git for data using an ML project as an example
Applying Machine Learning to Game Development
ESP32 LVGL and round display
BLE gateway from Xiaomi Gateway DGNWG05LM * without BLE
Qualcomm is preparing a game console for Android

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