Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 386 (March 15 – 21)

In our new collection of trojas in the library, autotesting and useful protocols, Android vulnerabilities and Google Play commission reduction, anti-cheating, human communication, purchase price, Nest with radar and much more. Connect!

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Memory in Swift from 0 to 1
Dive into autotesting on iOS. Part 4. Expectations in XCUITest
Working with complex JSON objects in Swift (Codable)
Costa Eleftheriu, FlickType Creator Sues Apple

Alexander Zimin: history of victory in Telegram Contest 2021

XcodeSpy library infects developers with Xcode Trojan

The number of working in the “iOS-applications economy” in Europe grew by 7%

Swift 5: Useful Protocols to Write Like a Pro

Reverse engineering of Bluetooth devices

How to reduce and optimize the size of an iOS application?

Creating a Custom UITextField with Combine

Deep dive into Functions in Swift

UICollectionView list with interactive custom header

Pure Swift: Explanations and Templates

Testing iOS push notifications in CI / CD pipelines

Swift protocols

Implementation of the OnChange modifier in SwiftUI for iOS 13

Xcodes.app: Lots of Xcode to choose from


Entering the Huawei Market, or How We Adapted the App to Work with HMS
Big conversation with the new Kotlin Project Lead Roman Elizarov
Get ready, aim, fire! How not to burn yourself when building a Gradle application, and is everything that serious?
0x7E5 Reasoning about the main thing
Struggle for life variables. Or how I tried to make life easier for Android developers
Meetup materials for android engineers: finding build problems, protecting against them and working with Gradle
Android 2020 vulnerabilities
Android – Forbidden Tricks
From computers to mobile devices: bringing games to new platforms
Android Broadcast: Live Interview # 2. Livecoding. Middle Android Dev

Android Broadcast: news # 7

Wear OS tiles open to everyone

Google cuts Play commission up to 15%

Compile Less With SOLID

Using the capabilities of the Android design language

Add life to your application

How We Designed a Component That Improved Readability, Scaling, and Testing

10 mistakes I made as an Android developer that you shouldn’t

Better state handling between ViewModel and Composable

How to create a multi-theme app on Android

11 most popular Kotlin libraries for 2021

Create the Android Studio plugin “Show layout bounds”

Let’s make a countdown timer app using Android Compose

Tinder-Like: Tinder on Jetpack Compose

Jetpack Release Tracker: AndroidX Tracking

SegmentedProgressBar: progress bar like in Instagram stories

Development of

The First Five Steps to Turn the Cheat Situation in a PvP Shooter
Children’s pranks: how Roblox became one of the most expensive gaming companies of our time
Minimum PWA
Automation of testing mobile applications. Part 2: preconditions, element verification and step independence
The course of the tester has been completed. And then what?
M.Video’s mobile present: teleportation was rapid
Flutter is about to take over the Web
How can you save money on mobile development?
How to start learning Flutter in 2021
Adaptation of tables for mobile devices
Team mobile app review
The most complete list of testing metrics in Russian
Podlodka # 207: debugging

Flutter Dev Podcast # 26: Flutter 2.0

Redmadrobot Opens Spring Internship

Aurora UI: a new visual trend for 2021

LinearB “explains” what happens in development projects

App design examples for inspiration # 36

Top or Side Navigation Bar: Which Works Best for Your Product?

How to improve your understanding of the interface with intuitive actions

Psychology Principles Every Product Designer Should Know

Is Kotlin Multiplatform a Panacea for Mobile App Development?

5 Frequently Asked Questions in Amazon Programmer Interviews

Visual Studio Code Extensions to Improve Productivity in 2021

My Google Interview Experience

The future of applications: declarative UI and Kotlin MultiPlatform

How to make UI sounds for a game

10 Design Patterns Every Software Architect Should Know

UX Tips for Optimizing In-Game In-App Purchases

How to work with difficult people in software projects

Tesler’s Law. This is why you can’t make UX easier.

My 3 biggest failures as a developer

5 ways to increase your development speed

4 unusual ways to improve your programming skills

Hacking code interviews with these 5 real-life functions
Top 5 mistakes I made when I was a noob in programming

Clone Wars: clones of popular projects

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Mobile marketers: Maxim Shaternik (Gameloft)

myTracker has integrated with Google AdMob

Mobile People Talks: Analyze It – Mobile App Analytics

How we make Sleepy: monetization, first session and paywall

Hi Marley: Human Communication

Gucci starts selling virtual sneakers

Average price of in-app purchases has grown by 50% since 2017

Apple agreed to pre-install Russian apps

Basic metrics of a mobile application

AI, Devices, IoT

Video analytics “M.Video-Eldorado”: 30,000 cameras, 1 computer and a neural network
Bluetooth Low Energy: A Detailed Guide for Beginners. Bluetooth Mesh
Google releases new Nest Hub with radar

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