Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 385 (March 8 – 14)

In this digest, debugger acceleration and application size increase, speed increase and test automation, release coordination, objectively subjective enhancer, modals, and more!

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How We Speed ​​Up the Swift Debugger
DI in iOS: Complete guide
Launching a Unity game from the SwiftUI iOS app
The average size of games in the App Store has grown by 76% in 5 years

Telegram announced a competition to create an application for WatchOS 6+

Custom UIButtons – Shadows, Animations, Lottie, etc.

SwiftGen: Swift code generator

Why Swift reference types are bad for application startup time

Most contentious Stack Overflow question about Swift

How to develop a streaming app for iOS with SwiftUI in 7 days

Creating a search bar in pure SwiftUI

Mastering SwiftUI Previews

5 ways to store user data in an iOS app

SwiftVideoBackground: background video for UIView

XUI: SwiftUI architectures


How we doubled the speed of forming a tape in a UGC application
Reaction – handling method results in Kotlin
Kotlin. Lambda vs Function reference
How to implement android device location tracking on your website
Getting the result right (Part 1). Activity Result API
We play with CLIP. How to create a versatile zero-shot classifier on Android
Kotlin Best Practices
Jetpack Activity Result API. Part 1. Practical use

A Tale of the Curved Recycler View

How to create an Android app on a Raspberry Pi in 7 steps

Navigation Rail for Android

Navigating Jetpack Compose

Data caching in Android

Speed ​​up the Android CI pipeline with Github Action unit checks

Moving from Mac to Ubuntu in Android Development

Implementing Kotlin in Prime Video for more developer satisfaction and less code

Bye LiveData, hello SharedFlow

StackExpandableView: stack like on iOS

MarkdownText: Markdown for Jetpack Compose

Development of

How to enter the Chinese market with a mini-app for WeChat so as not to burn out
Automation of testing mobile applications. Part 1: checks, modules and basic actions
How the library of the Avito design system in Figma works
World of Tanks Blitz: Automated Performance Testing
Flutter 2: what’s new
Dumb ways to save money on mobile development
2 steps to building a responsive layout for a Flutter application
How I reordered the pages in Figma
Cross-platform OpenGL + Python with Kivy
Dry the oars # 13: make me beautiful

Podlodka # 206: Clojure

An Engineer’s Guide to Saying No

App design: examples for inspiration # 35

Runway helps coordinate application releases

An Engineer’s Guide to Code Refactoring

Mobile modals: 8 best use cases

Headphones for the programmer: flow and protection

From a robot recruiter to a UGC voice spoof app for 2 million users. Personal experience and a little outstaff

Developing the perfect Wikipedia search for Android

Top or side navigation: which is best for your product?

Simplify Deployment with Continuous Delivery and GitHub Actions

Goodbye Electron, Hello Flutter

Revolutionary new UI just around the corner – here are the signs

3 books to develop your developer career

Aurora UI is a new visual trend for 2021

The history of rewriting any software

How to write awful commit comments

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Games That Play People: What The Game of Numbers Book Says About Game Analytics
Mobile 45+ players showed the biggest growth in 2020

How app developers are changing strategy and succeeding in the new environment

How price experiments increased my income by 500%

Step: bank for youth

Most downloaded apps in February 2021

AI, Devices, IoT

Taste and AI: how we at Prisma Labs made an objectively subjective automatic photo enhancer
Bring a portrait to life with Realistic Neural Talking Head Models
A tale of how I set up Home Assistant

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