Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 384 (March 1 – 7)

In our new release, the security of iOS applications and the latest Android 12, 22 thousand design changes and defeating cheaters, the history of cross-platform and Flutter version 2.0, ineffective executives, indie marketing and much more!

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IOS app security: a beginner’s guide
XCResult – how and why to read
7 tools to help you write better Swift code

Create a clone of the WatchOS Tasks app in SwiftUI using CoreData

Grand Central Dispatch in a nutshell

12 best iOS libraries for your app

How to create a side menu in iOS using Swift

GraphQL in Swift

The Factory Pattern in Swift

Swift 5: useful protocols to write code like a pro

How to Recreate Apple Photos Layout and Animations Using Compositional Layout

One week with Xcode on Mac M1

Finding memory leaks with unit tests in Swift

DSFSparkline: graphics for text

DPTagTextView: Textview with mentions and tags


Impact of data classes on the weight of the application
What’s the difference between Dagger, Hilt and Koin under the hood?
Introducing Jetpack Compose Beta
Data driven approach to harden Android security
Android – ViewPager2 – replace fragments on the fly (programmatically)
Android Broadcast: What’s New in Android 12 for Developers

Android Broadcast: news # 6

New metrics and benchmarks in Google Play Console

Android for Cars library moves to Jetpack

Solving a typical task from an interview on Kotlin

We need something better than Gradle

5 More Kotlin Extensions for Android Developers

Move forward using headers in the RecyclerView

Circle CI + Android: Configuration Tips

13 reasons why Dart is worse than Kotlin

Architecture in Jetpack Compose – MVP, MVVM and MVI

How to set up a dependency injection framework with Dagger2 in Android

Facebook Timeline Compose: Social Networking at Jetpack Compose

ArcLibrary: Rounding Corners for Android

Development of

How and why we made 22 thousand changes to the Yandex.Maps design
How we raised and defeated cheaters in our online shooter
New version of Yandex.Fuel: taking into account the (unexpected) experience of drivers
Navigator for pedestrians
Cross-platform mobile development: background
Launching a Rust application on the Aurora mobile OS
Ink: a tool to create text quests like the best childhood memories
DIY Clubhouse: for iOS, Android, Web and even Unity
How to convince a game designer to run tests?
On the progress of the creation of the Russian folk game “Kolobok” in February
Robot Framework for Test Automation: Limitations and Benefits
Three mistakes I made as a junior QA engineer
Authentication mechanisms in user interfaces
Podlodka # 205: how to make money

Professionalism in development

Flutter downgrade to version 2

Foreign companies want to oblige to pay personal income tax for Russian programmers

App Design: Examples For Inspiration # 34

Amazon updated icon due to suspicious “mustache”

Why most programmers are (or remain) ineffective leaders

11 major challenges in mobile app design

Fundamental principles and best practices of mobile app design

Object Oriented Programming Is The Biggest Computer Science Mistake

Flutter and its poor performance on iOS

7 principles of software development you should apply on a daily basis

Smart developers don’t code

Gyro-web: accessing device orientation in JavaScript

Create a UX design guide for your team

Native apps are still better than React Native and Flutter

4 open source object storage platforms for 2021

Simultaneous real-time face, hand movement and pose detection on mobile devices

How to Move from Software Developer to Solution Architect

How I speed up my React Native app 50x

How to Stand Out as a Software Engineer in 2021 – Tips & Tricks

The psychology of color in UX

25 amazing fonts for 2021

Open Mobile Maps: New Maps for iOS and Android

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Mobile marketers: Anna Kandalina (M.Video)

How SLON Media created UGC-style content for promotion on TikTok

Netflix launched short funny videos in the app

Top earning apps in February 2021

Vungle buys GameRefinery

Digital Turbine buys AdColony

Newness: Twitch for the beauty industry

How I did marketing for an indie game that made $ 128K in a year

Arizona’s lower house of congress passes legislation allowing payments to bypass Apple and Google store fees

AI, Devices, IoT

Weather station at maximum speed
It’s all about the virtual “carrot”: Uber has created an algorithm that can beat a person in the Atari game

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