Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 383 (February 22 – 28)

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This digest came out small, but it still contains a continuation of the story about autotesting, sleep API for Android, preparing Flutter for null safety and forecasting the development of the app market until 2025.

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Dive into autotesting on iOS. Part 3. iOS application life cycle during test run
Apple has changed the signup screen in iOS

Apple’s Advanced Guide to Filling in Sensitivity Labels

How to take advantage of multiple schemas in Xcode

VComponents: components for SwiftUI

Raivo OTP: an open source password manager for iOS


Stop refactoring. Kotlin. Android
Helping Many: An Android App for People with Special Needs
Google introduced Sleep API

Jetpack Compose Beta Released

How to integrate Google Pay into your Android app and why you need it

Animated transitions in Android

Background use of geolocation in Android 11

Great teams quickly merjat

Make your Android views accessible with just one line of code

Measure and optimize image size using Glide or Picasso

Lazy property with lifecycle in mind in Kotlin for Android development

Bindables: DataBinding without observable fields and LiveData

Development of

How convenient it is to maintain a game balance and not break from the number of cells in the tables
Preparing Dart and Flutter ecosystems for the transition to null safety
How to choose a mobile cross-platform in 2021
Interview with Yana Artischeva: studying at the Higher School of Economics Higher School of Economics and passion for VR games
Don’t Stop It Growing Up: How To Optimize A “Growing” Application To Keep It User Friendly
Video from Kolesa QA Meetup 3.0: QAcentrism, data preparation for tests and independent mocks
Flutter Dev Podcast # 25: Yandex.Drive

Podlodka # 204: development of applications for TV

App design examples for inspiration # 33

I want to become a mobile application designer. What to do?

Why working without technical specifications is a way to do what the customer really needs

Offline speech recognition in Flutter: no Siri, no Google and no, it’s not speech-to-text

Why is it so hard to understand code written 5 minutes ago?

First time as a Senior Engineer

8 most popular programming languages ​​2021

Fast app distribution through Firebase App Distribution with GitHub Actions + Fastlane

The world runs on bad UI

Shadows and neomorphism in Flutter

Analytics, marketing and monetization

How to increase the storage life of a mobile application? 6 proven ways
Most Popular Languages ​​for Localization in 2021: An Overview from Alconost
Holding Mobile Games: The Complete Guide by Wappier

Adjust Mobile Streaming Report: Understanding the New Media Landscape

myTracker started downloading earnings data via S2S API

Nanit: monitoring babies

Sensor Tower App Market Forecast: Consumer Spending To Reach $ 270 Billion By 2025

App Radar bought TheTool

SocialPeta and Nativex Release Global Mobile Media Buying Report for 2020

Retention: How to Create an Effective Strategy

AI, Devices, IoT

Bluetooth Low Energy: A Detailed Guide for Beginners. Bluetooth 5 and security
Huawei opens its wearables to third-party apps

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