Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 382 (February 15 – 21)

6 min

This release features Swift colors, pure Kotlin reusable, Android 12 first release and IDFA passions, Qt bugs and diamond checkout, app marketing secrets, game bots, 5 minutes knowledge and more.

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Preventing merge conflicts with XcodeGen
Colors in Swift: UIColor
Recognizing blocks of text in an iOS application using Vision
Has Apple started to grapple with “irrational high prices” in applications?

Has Apple Banned Analytics SDKs? Uh … well …

Hacking native ARM64 binaries to run on an iOS simulator

Diving into CFRunLoop

Build a news app in SwiftUI 2.0 (Combine, API, MVVM & Swift Package Manager)

Using Charles to Rewrite Answers in iOS App Development

Clubhouse-like profile picture on Swift

How to create animated pie and donut charts in SwiftUI

Roulette creation with SwiftUI

OnTap: SwiftUI documentation

WatchLayout: circles in UICollectionView

SPAlert: Apple-style notifications


How to write and reuse pure Kotlin code. Android Developer Notes
How to find the right abstraction for working with strings in Android
Themes, styles and attributes
Released a preview version of Android 12

GitHub Actions for Android Development

How we started the Dropbox Android app 30% faster

How the design will change in Android 12

App Quality Checklist

RecyclerView anti-patterns

StateFlow with one- and two-way DataBinding on Android

How RxJava Really Works

Preparing our applications for Jetpack Compose

Easily create parallax with Jetpack Compose

5 Kotlin Extensions to Make Your Android Code More Expressive

IridescentView: Iridescent Images for Android

stackzyr: Jetpack Compose for desktops


Date handling attracts bugs or 77 defects in Qt 6
Launch a top app alone, free and no coding (well, almost)
How we messed up while doing the Diamond Checkout for 9 months, and planned 2
1 year with Flutter in production
Development should write tests (?)
The experience of developing the first mobile game in Unity or how to completely turn your life around
Finding memory leaks in C ++ / Qt applications
Short Term Project Testing Strategy
Cooking a Big Feature on Kotlin Multiplatform. Yandex report
ZERG – what a beast?
Podlodka # 203: payments

Microsoft opens Dapr to easily deploy microservices

Interview problems: 2 to 64 degrees

App design: examples for inspiration # 32

How to make UX research insights visible, traceable, and engaging?

5 interview questions to identify outstanding programmers

How to create a simple chess app with Flutter

Building the Uber Backend: A Step-by-Step Guide to System Design

5 amazing benefits of sharing knowledge as a developer

Reading code is a skill

Why I stopped reading articles “How to become a software developer”

The design psychology and neuroscience behind great UX

Remote heart rate detection with webcam and 50 lines of code

How to make a developer angry

7 must-have skills to become an outstanding developer

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Product metrics at a glance
Marketers in mobile: Denis Nuzhdin (Pyaterochka Delivery)

Dating App Marketing Secrets – New Adjust Guide

Replit co-programming environment raised $ 20 million

Photomath raised another $ 23 million.

Post-IDFA Alliance launched “No IDFA? No problems”

Adults in the USA added an hour of digital time in 2020

VKontakte has launched a new tool for automated advertising of applications

Health & Fitness Apps Market State 2021 Report

Jigsaw Receives $ 3.7 Million For Puzzle Dating

Uptime: knowledge in five minutes

How to launch a wellness startup with your own money, combine it with a permanent job and not go crazy

What will happen to mobile app tracking in 2021

The New Normal: Learning in Applications and How to Succeed in Changing Times

Best Marketing Metrics to Track Growth Metrics

This is why developers fail to succeed in their careers

How I was marketing my game, which had $ 128K in sales in a year

AI, Devices, IoT

Gas meter in Home Assistant without a soldering iron
Game bot device: 16th place in the final of the Russian AI Cup 2020 (and 5th after)
Smart home from scratch with your own hands or a year-long journey
How to recognize handwritten text using AI on microcontrollers
A watch for gesture detection based on machine learning, ESP8266 and Arduino
How to Convert Text to Speech Using Google Tesseract and Arm NN on Raspberry Pi
A rapid prototype of an IIoT solution based on Raspberry PI and Yandex IoT. Part two
First experience with Raspberry Pi or microservices for home
Google is rolling out Swift for TensorFlow


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