Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 381 (February 8 – 14)

In the new digest, localization and custom plugins, rights protection and unavailability of Flutter, documentation and testing, subscription revenues and the legendary simulator “Kobayashi Maru”. Connect!

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Creating custom query functions with key paths
IOS App Localization Process at Vivid Money
AppsFlyer launches predictive analytics for iOS

Getting started with Combine

App Store Scam: Developer Exposes Multimillion-dollar App Scams

Hyundai does not negotiate with Apple

Tips for implementing dark mode in iOS

IOS Developer Toolkit for 2021

Finding the best CI / CD for iOS development

Swift – Simple Error Handling

IOS Tricks: Automatic Keyboard Handling

5 ways to improve your workflow in Xcode

A quick dive into iOS development

SPPermissions: getting permissions in Swift

PermissionsSwiftUI: get permissions in SwiftUI


SafetyNet Attestation – description and implementation of the check in PHP
How to block an application using runBlocking
Android Broadcast: news # 3

How Dagger, Hilt and Koin differ

Android tutorial: learn CRUD

Getting ready for a declarative UI

Three things I stopped doing manually as an Android developer

Injecting native Kotlin code into a Flutter application

ShapeableView in Jetpack Compose

How we started the Dropbox Android app 30% faster

Android View Binding Components: Dialogs and Adapters

GitHub Actions for Android Developers

Expenso: cost control

Auxio: player for Android

Development of

How to create a custom Dart analyzer plugin
Copyright protection for your Pet-projects
GitHub offers to launch a catalog of mobile applications
Graduation projects: how to take care of yourself, have a pet, find a recycling center and get an answer to any question
Match-3 Framework is “simple”
The magic of asynchronous operations: an inside look. Future
Connected! The most important thing about VPN app design
Mockito. What is it made from and how is it served?
Micro-modular approach to product design
Sticking and working with the Event System in Unity 3D
What is the documentation
Mobile testing, test automation, API testing: what you need to know how to work with in 2021
What a developer needs to know about working with a designer / designer
Principles of Narrative Design
Evaluation of labor costs in web and mobile projects
Flutter. Asynchrony (async) <> parallelism (isolate). At all
Working with adaptive programmable APIs in Flutter
Podlodka # 202: office politics

Flutter Dev Podcast # 24: Dart Null Safety

Flutter has not yet been able to become a reliable cross-platform solution

How to get into game development: 5 games to start your journey with in game development

Cocos goes 3D

App design examples for inspiration # 31

Aesthetic and minimal design as part of usability

Unity in 1 minute

Learn to program and write games on the Nintendo Game Boy

How 3 Months of Paired Programming Affected My Developer Career

Tired of imperative For loops? Use functional operators

Object oriented thinking is too hard for you

Build a smart device compatible IoT app with Flutter

Speed ​​up app development with Flutter

20 best engines and platforms / tools for mobile game development in 2021

How Material Design helps you brand your app

How to negotiate a product designer and developer

Boardgame.io: turn-based game engine

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Scopely Launches Kobayashi Maru Simulator

Flurry 2021 State of Mobile Report

Spending in the Top 100 Apps with Subscription Grows 34% to $ 13 Billion

App Annie Pulse: App Market Insights

78% of users abandoned a purchase if an app installation was required

Singular’s new mobile ad networks ranking 2021 ROI Index

Roskomnadzor has released a mobile application

Apple started showing ads on its search page

Electronic Arts buys Glu Mobile

Beam: a meaningful browser

Blizzard is preparing several mobile World of Warcraft games

How to increase the revenue of a mobile application by 10-15% using special tools from Apple

Optimize app retention with the Hooked model

20 terrible ASO mistakes to avoid in 2021

AI, Devices, IoT

ESP32-C3: first acquaintance. Replace ESP8266?
How machine learning and TensorFlow are helping to bake hybrid baked goods: a hobby case from a Google developer
How to build an AI friend. Transcript of the report

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