Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 380 (February 1 – 7)

In the new digest, vulnerabilities in Android, reduced analytical traffic and liquid characters, AR masks and Senior’s suffering, work with habits, the best publishers of the year and much more!

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Apple releases iOS 14.5 beta and macOS 11.3 beta for developers

A third of iOS developers incorrectly describe the use of confidential data

Lazy navigation in SwiftUI

SpriteKit integration into the application

How to create a Revolut style map collection view on iOS

How to scale image inside TableView title

Processing Kotlin Multiplatform coroutines in Swift – Koru

How to start machine learning with Swift and TensorFlow

Composite architecture is one of the best architectures for SwiftUI

When to write self in Swift

SwiftUI and Core Data: The MVVM Way

Creating a mobile chat using Realm

Submodules for Xcode

MortyUI: GraphQL + SwiftUI

Wyler: Screen Recorder for iOS


How rooting and alternative firmware make your android smartphone vulnerable
Android Academy. You missed everything! But it is not exactly…
Android Broadcast: news # 2

Google Paid Out Record $ 6.7 Million for Vulnerability Search in 2020

Harmony OS turned out to be Android

Telegram launches competition for Android developers

7 common mistakes that are easy to make with Android Fragment

Bad Kotlin extensions

Modeling UI State on Android

Android then and now: navigation

Breaking Null-Safety in Kotlin with circular references

Scalable Image with Jetpack Compose

9 favorite Android KTX extensions

Can you trust Profiler’s timing?

Android app modularization in 2021

Kotlin extensions

GaugeProgressView: a circular indicator for Android

Bouncy: bounce for RecyclerView


How we simply reduced the volume of traffic entering the data center by 70%
The Chinese have created an alternative to Android and iOS on Ubuntu for smartphones and tablets
UI elements and gestures in mobile applications
How we taught TamTam messenger to recognize addresses in text
Liquid character in Unity 3D
Using services and handling their results in Xamarin
Billiards on Unity 3D
Tracking Technology Review: AR Masks
Envoy as a universal network primitive
What to expect from boxed applications?
Flutter ListView and ScrollPhysics: A Detailed Look
Rain effect. Particles in Unity 3D
Podlodka # 201: End-to-end ML

App design examples for inspiration # 30

The Ministry of Internal Affairs wants to add the definition of fraudsters’ numbers to the application

Interview Problems: Football with One Coin

5 Suffering Senior Developers

Kite Launches Team Server for Code Completion in Enterprises

7 most famous or expensive software bugs

Design patterns: the 5 most famous

Yandex opens recruitment for summer internships

Mail.ru Group opens a set for free courses in programming and autotesting

Liftoff Annual Report on Mobile Advertising Trends and User Acquisitions

Blue Chips – an economic strategy for mobile devices

How to design smart push notifications

Fundamental principles of dark theme design

AppDynamics has introduced a solution to protect applications from cyber threats

Flutter Warsaw 2020 results

Question for a technical interview after which I immediately refuse

Flicker effect in Flutter

Condensation: a distributed base with security

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Bold: fitness for seniors

make sense: On working with Retention, effective triggers and habit formation

Telegram overtook TikTok to become the most downloaded app in January 2021

LOVEMOBILE # 11: Analytics at Estee Lauder

AppLovin buys Adjust

State of Dating 2021 Report

Cutback Coach: Moderate Alcohol Consumption

App Annie named the top publishers of the year

Facebook is testing iOS data usage notification

Apple’s new rules will change mobile advertising forever. Developers found out about it in June, but only 13% prepared

It’s a good choice: smart budget allocation when attracting new users. Rate & Goods and Rocket10 case

How to promote indie apps? Budget methods and cases

2021 UI / UX design trends and how to make them work for you

Stop asking your users what they want

AI, Devices, IoT

Bluetooth Low Energy: a detailed guide for beginners. Connections and services
Courses and books for learning data science from scratch
Putting together neural networks. Classifier of cartoon animals. Without data and in 5 minutes. CLIP: Learning Without Learning + Code
Internet of Things in Russian. Link layer OpenUNB. General provisions and device addressing
Touch typing keyboard shocks on errors

Facebook Allows Uploads to Oculus via App Lab

Azure Quantum opened to developers

ARKit and business: how developers use augmented reality for serious tasks

Predicting the rise in popularity of GameStop in 20 lines of code

Identifying sounds with deep learning

8 examples of machine learning in finance and fintech

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